On Billy Graham

Mungo MacCallum writes: Re. “Rundle: ‘America’s Pastor’ and the crusade for Australia’s eternal soul” 

Guy Rundle’s evocation of the Billy Graham crusades would add the proviso that although the crowds were vast, some at least were serial recidivists. An aunt of mine made 17 separate and complete decisions for Christ over the tour. Is this an Australian resident record?

On the Catholic Church

Peter Wileman writes: Re. “What we’re really talking about when we talk about ‘the church’” 

If Pell could find a missing (or hidden) Billion Euros, how much more is salted away?  Accepting the premise that “the church” is made up of “hundreds of separate dots that are loosely and culturally, but often not corporately or legally, connected”. Then when a crime is detected in one of the “dots”, let that dot pay for its transgressions. No doubt the other “dots” would not allow another dot to be bankrupted. But that would be up to their own accountants to decide, I doubt that charity would come into the decisions of this tax free business that sits on vast treasures as “caretakers for posterity” whilst their clients starve.

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