Razer's Class Warfare

Feb 22, 2018

Razer: the confused person’s guide to who is and isn’t ‘left-wing’

As voters continue to move further to the left or right of the spectrum -- just as they always have -- trolls and pundits will continue to use the wrong language to classify them.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Milo Yiannopoulos
Milo Yiannopoulos? Not left-wing.

Just before the 2016 federal election, the ABC released Vote Compass, a digital tool promising to match you with your ideal party. Use it and you’d only be reminded that there was no ideal party with which you could be matched. Bit like online dating, really: a predictable array of those you just know will screw you badly and/or hurt your feelings.

(May be based on a true story.)

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42 thoughts on “Razer: the confused person’s guide to who is and isn’t ‘left-wing’

  1. Craig

    Can we add the mainstream press referring to Prof Jordan Petersen as “alt-right”?
    A belief you can only hold if you have never read anything he has actually said or are intentionally misinterpreting his position for political ends.

    1. Helen Razer

      Sure. I saw a better description of him recently. “The dumb person’s intellectual.” We’ll call him that.

      1. Craig

        I’m in two minds about him. An awful lot of what he says makes sense, but his obsession with cultural Marxism reeks of someone who hasn’t left a university campus in an awfully long time. After all, who would be stupid enough to fall for Marxism these days?

        1. MAC TEZ

          JP makes an awful lot of money by saying that which may well make sense to the “Alt-right”.

        2. Jf

          We can add to the list anyone who calls “cultural Marxism” Marxism

          1. JQ

            Hmm, interesting point you make, Jf. On the one hand, you haven’t presented a counter-argument to anything Craig said. But on the other hand, you did call him an idiot. Tell me, how was your time as president of the Yale Debating Club?
            Funny story, I was reading Crikey’s moderation guidelines, in which those commenting are asked to “keep the conversation useful, interesting and welcoming,” and to “play the ball not the person.”

          2. Jf

            Lol JQ good on ya mate, why do fans of that parasite Peterson insist on invading every conversation about almost anything demanding that people treat him “fairly”. He is trash, and not worth Helen Razer’s time. He is quite clearly a charlatan cashing in on the emerging anti-“SJW” industry. While promoting fairly boring social conservatism, he has somehow managed to parade himself as an intellectual rebel, railing against the supposed evils of PC culture, a culture he attributes to a bizarre conspiracy theory around “postmodernism/Marxism/Cultural Marxism”. The fact that he conflates all these is hilarious and pretty much tells you all you need to know about how irrelevant his “ideas” are. And while we’re at it anyone who uses “Cultural Marxism” unironically is either a deranged anti-Semite or a useful idiot.

          3. JQ

            Woah there! A deranged anti-Semite for using the term cultural Marxism unironically? How do you possibly explain that? Got anti-Antisemitism on the mind?
            I’m a mite confused by what you mean. Surely useful idiots would be people welcoming of (cultural) Marxist ideas such as the embrace of equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, not those who argue against it. Y’know, like journalists who enthusiastically extol the virtues of Communist propaganda (from each according…) throughout the West. The only problem not addressed is exactly who decides what constitutes “ability” and “needs.” It’s worth thinking about this while considering MzRaz’s “(5) Don’t be Stalin” caveat, which I think might be better expressed as “(5) once you have achieved (1-4): the wresting of control from individuals and vesting it in the state, don’t be murdered by Stalin.”

          4. Jf

            JQ, you are obviously unaware of the origins of the meme “Cultural Marxism”. Look it up. It’s a gross right wing conspiracy, that has quite obvious anti-Semitic undertones.Also you’ve ripped that Stalin shit straight from one of Peterson’s shitty lectures, how much of a fan boy are you? Any ideas of your own?

          5. JQ

            Well I’m glad I looked up the origins of the meme, Jf, though it made for unpleasant reading. The more one knows.
            Did I rip from Peterson the suggestion that the bigger problem might not be not being Stalin but the creation of a system where the individual is subservient to the state, thus enabling a Stalin (or Mao or Pol Pot or Castro, etc.) to emerge and wield murderous control? It seems a fairly logical and unoriginal question. But you’re right, I likely don’t have an original thought in my head and for all you know could be an ignorant ideologue who is certain he has all the answers. Why not offer your thoughts on the don’t be Stalin/(again) create a system enabling Stalin question?

        3. Iskandar

          Well Craig, great ideas reverberate down the ages, particularly when they address things like want, justice, social inequality, exploitation and repression. A couple of millennia ago a bloke stood on a hill and spoke to a crowd of the disinherited of his vision for a better world, saying amongst other things, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”, “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled”.

          Fast forward to the 19th century and the bloke whose vision for a better world included the words “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Alas, all great ideas are ultimately submerged by those great human realities of greed and selfishness. But great ideas reverberate on regardless.

      2. Michael Byrne

        You have a good dose of Hilary in you Helen with that comment.

        1. Helen Razer

          Looks, yes. You’re right. It does reek of intellectual snobbery. However, so does JP. So I sort of feel okay about repeating the quote.
          There is really not much of substance in that stuff. Rather, the appearance of it. It might have been better to say that he was the Alain de Botton for nativists.

          1. JQ

            Helen, I’d be interested to read your take on Prof Peterson in a more detailed piece. I think you might find that his stated views are misrepresented in the press. A good question to ask would be why is that?

          2. Helen Razer

            I will still say that he’s a thicko, though, JQ.

    2. Anniejean

      That’s the bloke who explains the meaning of “milkshake duck “

  2. Culture Warrior

    Nice article, though we’re going to need to do a bit better than the ‘Left’ plan you’ve laid out (basically re-run the Bolshevik seizure of power and hope it works out OK this time). More immediately, why the hell has Turnbull been put in the libertarian half of the social scale? Surely we should stop buying the line that he’s a libertarian progressive hamstrung by his Faustian pact with Dutton, Morrison et al. His responses to Scott McIntyre re ANZAC Day, and now to Emma Alberici re tax, were visceral and authentic. His instincts are to censor and suppress those who challenge the right, economically OR culturally.

    1. Helen Razer

      It is difficult to fit such a big head in the correct part of the quadrant, is why.
      And, who can say what is an “authentic” response and what isn’t, and does it matter? There are those who say that Trump is not as racist as he appears. It doesn’t matter. But, anyhoo. It was a fun graphic my mate made, and we’ll never get a sight gag right.
      To get the revolution right, we’d probably need a bit more than a sentence. Let me describe it in a paragraph next week? 🙂

  3. Bob Perry

    Good article – I saw the chart and identified it as a re-work of ‘How to Chart Your Political Position’ from Decades of Decision by Barry Jones, where he pointed out that H J Eysenck in ‘Sense and Nonsense in Psychology’ devised that self plotting process. The point of all this is that there are too many people that just use the term ‘leftist’ for political ends.

    1. Helen Razer

      Thanks, Bob. And I don’t know the Barry book. I’ll have a gander.

  4. LW

    great article again Helen. I recently read your ‘Propaganda’, it is fantastic. Keep sticking it to them comrade

  5. Howard

    I was surprised to not find Hitler, Mussolini and Franco in that top right corner of your political orientation plan. And Malcolm Turnbull seems totally lost that far south of the social border.

  6. AR

    A good idea trying to slash its way through the thickets of po-mo verbiage and butterfly concentration spans.

  7. Hunt Ian

    Very enjoyable reading, Helen. In just about everything, CORRECT

  8. Lesley Graham

    Thank you for this Helen it has really helped put into place a few misconceptions that I obviously wasn’t aware of. It’s interesting that though your efforts re: the likes of Mark Latham have come to naught, but there’s no surprise there. It also seems that media for all it’s intentions to provide those of us who are without doubt decidedly ill informed enough to take on their nonsense which is interesting as most people wouldn’t know a centrist from a poll in the ground, therein lies the problem. Those of us with a centilla of intelligence generally avoid the mass media, due to it’s inherent idiocy & complete lack of coherence & even a vague ability to get it right, with it’s preference for opinion politics or everything really & the whole if you throw enough turds at it something will eventually stick approach to journalism…. So though these are very valuable in respect of those of us who’re able determine the difference & whose preference is to read & stay informed by the likes of yourself & those that know that Newcrap & their ilk are often just the blind leading the blindsided.

  9. Philip Stott

    Hah… I love it that Dutton and Abbott on the right are spatially positioned as the equivalent to Pol Pot and Stalin in the lefty hemisphere of the graphic.

    1. Michael Byrne

      Such a gross comment leaves you as spatially vacant under the cranium.

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