Feb 22, 2018

Hinch’s Senate Diary: Christensen’s gun stunt ‘the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in Canberra’

Senator Derryn Hinch discusses George Christensen, Barnaby Joyce and other enduring errors.

Derryn Hinch — Senator

Derryn Hinch


Today, the headlines and news bulletins should be saying "Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce". Of course, they're not because the Deputy Prime Minister is on a week's leave. And the Coalition is still in disarray. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull decided he could not entrust his terminally tainted deputy with the job and sent him on forced leave to “consider his position”.

The Nationals’ embattled leader returned fire by publicly accusing the PM of being “inept”. He also used his career contemplation break to give a damning interview to The Sydney Morning Herald in which he painted himself as the victim, depicted his plight as a "witch hunt”, and boasted he wasn’t going anywhere. Personally, I still believe in Hinch’s Law: “Any man who says three times 'I will not resign' -- will.”

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13 thoughts on “Hinch’s Senate Diary: Christensen’s gun stunt ‘the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in Canberra’

  1. Harry.v.Dirchy

    George Christiansen – the chief spokesperson for the Wayne Kerr Institoot – the gNats very own Tink Tank (yes know I left the h out), where a not a lot of tinking has been done over a long period of time. Dunno about the Glokhead picture, the blue singlet, tatt that looked like a stained glass window and stockwhip was pretty disugusting pretty ordinary.
    Perhaps you can ask Barnaby when parliament sit whether it is true that Golden Cirlce have offered him a contract to be the face of their canned beetroot line.

    Yes Derryn the Walmart ‘fine print did… And the average length of tenure for Walmart employees – 4.5 years.

    1. zut alors

      At the same time Walmart retrenched a few thousand workers from a subsidiary.

      I pray never to be in a police lineup when Hinch is identifying a miscreant – Hayne has little resemblance to Gates.

    2. Michael James

      “And the average length of tenure for Walmart employees – 4.5 years.”

      Yes, I’ve read Barbara Ehenreich (Nickle and Dimed) too. What you omit is that Walmart’s work conditions are carefully arranged so that no sane person can tolerate working for longer–and thus the short tenure and the “self-sacrifice” of benefits tied to tenure (longer than the average before they kick in). Further, that a vast majority of those who quit working for Walmart, eventually come back and do another stint. In fact it is a regular thing and expected of their employees. Capitalism has become so damned crafty. Let’s not forget the astounding fact that the Walmart family (5 offspring of Sam’s none of whom have worked for a dime their entire lives but each now rich beyond imagining) have total wealth more than the entire bottom 40% of Americans.
      And of course the earnings of most workers at Walmart is part of America’s “working poor”, ie. not enough to live on. Further, under pressure from the Obama administration Walmart actually began increasing their miserable wage rates in 2015 when it went up to $9/h with further increases on the books. In December last year they began giving its employees early access to part of their paychecks, but what more incriminating evidence does one need that the pay isn’t enough? It’s a wonder Walmart don’t start up their own inhouse Payday Loans outfit to profit even more off their own employees (maybe they will, now that Trump has rolled back Obama’s reforms on the worst practices of that predatory industry).

      Interestingly there isn’t a single Walmart inside the 5 boroughs of New York City despite them trying for decades and decades.

  2. lykurgus

    “Disgusting”… says the has-been who spent his life doing similar (and more loathsome) stunts.
    He’s you – before you died.

  3. timbral

    The gun stunt was classic throwing a dead cat on the table.
    The dead and damaged in Florida were collateral damage for our Georgie, he needed to divert us from the Joyce obsession for a while.
    Not sure what was more disgusting, the gun or him in his sweat stained shirt.

  4. Gordon Sharp

    Does anyone actually know if the Joyces are yet actually divorced?
    Some say ex-wife, some still say wife.
    That the marriage has broken down irretrievably is certain. But I imagine the divorce settlement will take yonks.
    And will the Beetrooter seek an annulment so that he can re-marry within the church?

    1. Peter Wileman

      He’s not Henry VIII! As much as he reckons he is a true blue, my bloody oath catholic, my money would be on a divorce. He believes in nothing but his own skin.

  5. CML

    Derryn…if you, and that motley crew you call the cross-bench, pass the $65 billion tax cuts for business legislation…then you will have fulfilled the moniker given to you by the great PJ Keating……..’unrepresentative swill’!!

  6. Peter Wotton

    Barnaby Joyce a victim? Really?

    Nothing that he has done personally of course.

  7. old greybearded one

    Derryn as a Victorian you may not be aware that in 2015 a farmer murdered an environment officer by shooting him. His name was Glen Turner. The Nationals were almost unable to say it was a bad thing. George Christensen is a bigoted buffoon, but to me it represents something far far worse. It endorses that cold blooded murder of someone just dong their job.

    1. timbral

      OGbO, Joyce at the time said it was the environment laws to blame not the murderer Turnbull who recently died in gaol.
      Joyce did not express one word of concern about Glenn or his family or the other environment officer with him who was also terrorised by Turnbull and witnessed the cold blooded murder of his colleague.
      Joyce and his gang stand for the worst in this country and on top of that they are complete failures at making and implementing good policy.
      Georgie boy is a bigot but he’s not a buffoon, he is a creepy, bad dude.

  8. AR

    From the first I have been amazed that these witterings consistently fall to do anything other than nauseate.
    That he was elected as a Senator is a sad indictment of democracy.
    That he is published by Crikey is a disgrace.

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