Feb 21, 2018

Sing along if you know the words: Abbott’s greatest hits at the Sydney Institute

The former front-man played his greatest hits at the Sydney Institute this week, and the routine was tired, stiff, and increasingly irrelevant, writes Margot Saville.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

I’ve been to a lot of heritage music concerts. The audience expects that the star, a stiff-legged hologram of his youthful self, will sing all his biggest hits. Although looking and sounding a little shop-worn, he’ll still rise to the occasion. And the listeners relive an experience that had at one time struck a chord with them and still resonates.

And so it was that Tony fronted up the fans at the Sydney Institute last night, giving them a short, punchy set list of his greatest hits – immigration and street gangs, the benefits of coal and the evils of political correctness.

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25 thoughts on “Sing along if you know the words: Abbott’s greatest hits at the Sydney Institute

  1. Peter Wileman

    What a lovely, concise article.
    “And into which of those classes would you put Anthony John Abbott, who’s been pulling down a public service salary for the past 24 years? I would call someone who earns $200,000 a year, and hasn’t had an original thought since Ted Nugent sang “Paralyzed”, a welfare bludger who needs to get a proper job.”
    Problem is that, a) he’s made for life on the politicians gravy train superannuation, and b) who would employ the jerk?

    1. Margot Saville

      Thank you Peter!

  2. Decorum

    When David Bowie died, The Economist noted that, unlike many of his contemporaries, “he never became his own tribute band.” What’s odd about Abbott (well, what’s particularly odd in this particular setting) is that he’s now a tribute to an Abbott that really never was. Many of the things he’s shrieking for now are things he never did himself when he was at the helm of the good ship Entitlement. He can’t even claim, a la Lady Catherine de Bourgh, that, had he ever been PM, he would have been a great proficient. He was, and he wasn’t.

    1. Margot Saville

      You’re so right ..

  3. AR

    Margot – unfortunately there is still a muddy, mucky & extremely shallow pool of Abbottrocity devotees who think the soleil shines from the rectum of this Bourbon who has forgotten nothing and learned less.
    If anyone wants to be scared, really rilly scared, listen the Blot & the Poison Dwarf on HateRadio, 8-9pm Mon to Thur – they are unhinged enough but their callers are totally off-planet.

    1. Margot Saville

      I’ll leave you to monitor the Blot! Not sure I can face that…

  4. MJM

    “So what has our least effective Prime Minister been doing all this time,…?”

    I love the article Margot and agree that Abbott is a “welfare bludger”. But I think Trumble is proving to be a serious contender in the “least effective PM” stakes. Being quite old and a Canberran I remember Billy McMahon well. Abbott and Trumble are eclipsing him every day in any “worst PM I can remember” contest.

    1. Margot Saville

      With Malcolm, the expectations were higher, weren’t they? So the disappointment is so much greater..

  5. Craig

    Whilst the idea that only 30% of migrants speak English sounds like utter rubbish, surely it stands to reason that if there are less migrants there will be less competition for jobs and housing? Hardly not evidence based.
    Am I missing something?

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      “None of these statements are evidence-based, “. Yeah, it hurts to argue in TA’s favour, but it is hardly something that requires academic research to suggest that less immigration will lead to less competition for local jobs and less intense housing market pressures.
      Now I understand that there isn’t an academic paper written supporting these things, as they stand in the class of axiomatic, it would seem they do not require evidence, but are evidence in themselves, therefore require refutation, not confirmation, Ockham’s razor and all that.

      And there is substantial evidence that 457’s have been used to bring in people where there were surely sufficient locals to employ, and there is more than sufficient evidence of immigrant and non-nationals bidding up house pricing.

      But apart from that, yes, Tony probably hasn’t made that connection and is just blathering, and Paul Weller is a freaking musical god.

      1. spicelab

        I’m enjoying seeing the Coalition tie themselves in knots over house prices.
        Improving housing affordability by shutting out foreign investment and cutting immigration may well appease the xenophobes, but it will infuriate their property owning base who only want prices to keep going up. A delicious quandary.

    2. Norm

      Yes, I didn’t, couldn’t, can’t buy that line either. The question is begged of course why Tony Abbott didn’t cut immigration numbers when he had the power. Probably because other non-sovereign powers were writing the song book for him, as they do for Mal, Bill…….

  6. zut alors

    ‘… hasn’t had an original thought since Ted Nugent sang “Paralyzed”,…’

    Fair suck of the sav, Margot. Give Abbott full credit where it’s due: I guarantee nobody ever had the original idea of offering Prince Philip a knighthood.

    1. Margot Saville

      I think you are 100% right about that…

  7. Irfan Yusuf

    He wasn’t always like this. But that was decades ago. Now he’s just a broken record.Nicely written.

  8. Woopwoop

    Cutting immigration is hardly one of Abbott’s “greatest hits” – he presided over extremely high levels of immigration as PM. Perhaps focus groups have suggested this issue as a winner.

  9. klewso

    “Splendour on the Grass”? Tony Zapper the Mother of Reinvention?
    Which is weirdest :-
    a) Toady “Road-kill” Abbott giving advice; or
    b) Having him corrected by both the Treasurer who told us that “Labor’s negative gearing policy would wreck the economy and decimate home values”, and the “Minister for Bop the Stoats”, who tried to get ASIO to nobble the processing of refugees so they’d miss the cut-off?

  10. Lord Muck

    Happy to sing along but I don’t know the lyrics of The Last Post. Anyway, what are Tony’s views on sex with staffers? That would be a much more interesting conversation.

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