Feb 20, 2018

Rundle: Shorten shows his disregard for Batman by cosying up to coal

If Bill Shorten didn't want to hand ammunition to Labor's foes in the Batman byelection, he had a funny way of showing it in Townsville this week.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Bill Shorten, as leader of a nationwide party, has the invidious task of throwing the occasional local candidate under the bus for the greater good.

In Queensland coal country this week, he reached all the way down to Victoria and took Batman candidate Ged Kearney’s arm, handled her bags, and gently escorted her to a pillow-festooned place beneath the front wheels.

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9 thoughts on “Rundle: Shorten shows his disregard for Batman by cosying up to coal

  1. zut alors

    May I enquire why on earth Shorten travelled to Adani territory during the Batman campaign? Surely it’s the one region in Oz he should be avoiding for a few weeks.

    1. Coral SeeNQ

      He came to discuss alternative employment projects for work after Adani fails. The options for the widening of the Port for Cruise ships unable to dock due to their size in particular yesterday. This is a channel that facilitates the Port entry. If this was done a dedicated cruise ship could base itself here. There was much more but it appears to be of little interest to the Baltman agenda. This city is in drought and a recession (boring). It is in a geographical rain shadow in the dry tropics, so there are other projects that matter to local people being considered. No desalination plant here unfortunately. He is outlining alternative ways to get jobs into the region post the failure of Adani. Labor and most Townsville people are aware the Adani project will fail. The geopolitics of carbon versus a non carbon energy future currently being fought out between the Chinese and the U.S. is going to pretty much guarantee t total disinterest in the project by investors. So mostly we don’t give a rats up here as long as there is no Adani, and the wedge being undertaken by the Greens doesn’t deliver the poor, the unemployed, the indigineous kids up here a One Nation candidate, because lives would be lost in shear despair. They wouldn’t do that to them would they, would they, I guess we’ll see.

      1. zut alors

        Thanks for the info, now it’s understandable. There was scant reporting of the proposed port development on news bulletins.

      2. CML

        Absolutely agree with you CS. Shorten didn’t say anything that he hasn’t been saying forever…the Adani mine will fail on both environmental and economic grounds, all by itself. People should watch the video and see for themselves exactly what Bill said, instead of relying on so-called journalists to cherry pick certain phrases which they think will advantage the Greens in Victoria or the LNP in Queensland.
        In the meantime, Shorten is setting up alternative infrastructure projects in and around Townsville to provide jobs for that region. Could you please advise us Guy…what would he be doing that for, if he is going to make Adani happen instead with almost NO jobs??????
        This article doesn’t even make sense…except as propaganda for the Greens, and loaded bias against the ALP.

        1. Guy Rundle

          in the middle of a campaign focused on Adani, shorten goes to townsville and announces non-adani jobs, and yet parrots the cfmeu pro-adani position. youve answered yr own question: theres no upside to be pro-adani except factional advantage

      3. Guy Rundle

        the people of Batman are interested in Adani because it will choke the children and grandchildren of Batman. They’re not interested in Townsvlle’s non-planet killing industries. Why should they be, anymore than Townsville should be interested in Batman? (and actually, the Greens back increased funding of tourist and transition industries for coal country). Why, if Shorten were there primarily to launch post-Adani industries, would he parrot the CFMEU line – wldnt he gain advantage in both Dawson and Batman from a post-Adani, reinvestment position?

  2. Evil Garry

    It’s all about the next federal election Guy. The ALP knows that QLD and WA seats (not VIC ones) are the key to them winning that contest, so they’re not going to rain on the coal parade. Kearney has been abandoned as cannon fodder in a seat that is about to go Green for a generation at least. Even if the ALP does do a preference deal with the Barmy Bernardis, (and they did it with Family First plenty of times in the past, with some unexpected results), there won’t be enough hard-right Libs who can be bothered getting out and voting for the Cons to get the preference numbers up to any meaningful level.

  3. AR

    Anyone who thinks bumBoil Shlernt won’t throw environmental integrity under the coal train in FNQ at the next federal election is seriously deluded.
    Sort of a reverse Brisbane Line, abandoning without a hope the civilised areas for the tropics.

  4. gjb

    Adani will more than likely not go ahead, only southern media, & some sad local union hacks still believe it will. This region is highly de-unionised skilled and looking for
    alternatives. Bill is bullshiting a labor “brighter future”…

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