Feb 20, 2018

Ed-onomics: could popstars like Ed Sheeran bankrupt Australia?

The upcoming Australian tour is set to move so much money that it has more in common with a significant import than a pop act.

Jason Murphy — Journalist and economist

Jason Murphy

Journalist and economist

This March a new record will be set in Australia, with substantial economic and cultural implications. And I’m afraid you are not going to like it.

Australian rock legends AC/DC hold the record for the highest number of tickets sold for a run of gigs in Melbourne. They sold out Docklands arena for three nights in 2010, putting 180,000 deliriously happy fans through their run of smash hits. But on March 12 a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music in Surrey, UK will take to the stage at Docklands and blow AC/DC’s record out of the water.

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15 thoughts on “Ed-onomics: could popstars like Ed Sheeran bankrupt Australia?

  1. Decorum

    Well, some of his revenues have to go to the people whose songs he, ah, homages.

    1. Mike Smith

      … sincerest form of flattery. But I’ve got some of Eds music on my Spotify playlist

  2. BruceHassan

    The author’s byline, its seems, needs to be revised to ‘Journalist, economist and nationalist’. I expect that would make clearer the assumptions underlying the article.

  3. Evil Garry

    A bit of musical trivia for you. The Rolling Stones only have to split their earnings three ways instead of four. Why? Because back in the mid 1970s when Ronnie Wood joined the band he was offered either a cash advance of a few million dollars together with basic wages, or no advance and an equal share of future earnings. Not having a huge amount of faith in their longevity at that time, he took the cash advance, and has been on basic wages ever since. Keith Richards and Charlie Watts have wanted to bring him back in on equal shares for many years now, but the notoriously tight-fisted Mick Jagger refuses to allow it.

    1. Lee Tinson

      You call 100,000 pounds pa (that’s the figure I heard when he started … I wonder what it is now?) a basic salary? Also, the Stones are kind of a sideline for Ronnie. He has other talents.

  4. Lee Tinson

    I’m thinking (entirely without evidence, I admit) that 50% to the artist is a substantial exaggeration.

  5. CML

    Never heard of him!
    He’s probably like the rest of these ‘pop-stars’…can’t actually sing!!!!
    People who pay these amazing amounts of money to attend such concerts, remind me of a mob of sheep…wool for brains!

  6. Dog's Breakfast

    The bland entertaining the bland!

  7. Duncan Gilbey

    What’s “Spotify”?

    1. MAC TEZ

      For Mike Smith (see comment above), it’s an opportunity to display his terrible taste in tween tunes.

      1. Mike Smith

        It ranges from classical to rock and later. I’m not going to be a snob about what I like.

        1. MAC TEZ

          Chillax bro, it’s your playlist,your choice and the range sounds impressively eclectic.
          I can’t see it via link as I’d have to login/join but if Imagine Dragons; Thunder is on there then it’s all over for you and me Mike !
          In a world where we’re so spoiled for choice that we can spend a lifetime of listening without ever hearing the same track twice,I feel that if you’re wasting time on Sheeran’s shite then you’re missing out on better music, much better music IMHO, but that’s your choice too…so if you want to let the sound of Ed flow thru ‘ your head go right ahead , but no Imagine Dragons okay ?!?

  8. AR

    I recognised some of those bands…

  9. Anniejean

    It’s the restraint.young people know that they have to live their lives with restraint if they are to survive at all.

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