Feb 20, 2018

Which one of Barnaby’s ticking time bombs will claim him first?

Watch out, Barnaby. You're not out of the minefield yet.

Barnaby Joyce has come out in force today, refusing to back down. "I'm not going anywhere," he told Fairfax Media in a fresh interview, describing the campaign against him as a "witch hunt". The problem for Barnaby is that the situation isn't so much an active witch-hunt as it is one of many limpet mines attached to the hull of his political career.

Here, Crikey writers identify and briefly explain these time bombs, whose ominous tick-tocking threatens to blow Barnaby's world apart. We've also given each point a bomb rating (aka explosion factor) scored out of a possible three.

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16 thoughts on “Which one of Barnaby’s ticking time bombs will claim him first?

  1. leon knight

    Of course it is a huge advantage to Labor if the beetrooter can hang on as long and as desperately as possible…

  2. DF

    Let’s see if Penny Wong is up to the investigative standards of John Faulkner and Robert Ray at Senate Estimates next week. The relevant agencies (Finance and whoever handles security for MPs) should be collating all the info on travel and security arrangements for Joyce and Campion over the last 12-18 months but I’ll bet they take all those questions on notice (QON). QONs are a safety net for witnesses appearing before Estimates Committees. Taking a Question on Notice means that whatever answer is ultimately provided will have been vetted and approved by the Minister’s office, so the bureaucrat can’t be blamed.

  3. Evil Garry

    For me, Mark Knight had some brilliant Barnabytoons last week, and the one on Feb 15 of a lamb about to be slaughtered was my absolute favourite.

  4. Paddy Mullin

    Barnaby – definitely a country member.

  5. Bill Hilliger

    For our esteemed leader Malfeasance Turnbull Barnyard is and will continue to be an irritating hayseed in his underpants.

  6. Betty

    Writing as someone with a good knowledge of Joyce’s electorate the list is ok but I doubt any of these matters will unseat him.
    Joyce is the 3rd speaker in a debating team.
    This can be an effective in party room meetings and elsewhere when the skills of the former pub bouncer are required.
    Recommended viewing is his “caaaaarp” rant in parliament in 2016 in reply to a dorothy dixer from one of his own, Kevin Hogan the totally ineffectual Member for Page.
    It is Joyce writ large and the behaviour of the rabble behind him while he raves is also instructive.
    This is a thug and a cunning operator and he’s got Turnbull and the Libs bluffed.
    He’s not funny, he’s dangerous.

  7. AR

    Only one bombe for the new babe spread?
    It is an heroic assumption that he will still be even recognisable, never mind news, by mid April but even then, how soft could an interview be and still withstand gravity by not collapsing into an existential void?

  8. Mike M

    While the personal stuff draws our attention, what of the undue influence certain very wealthy people seem to have over our deputy PM? …surely this is a more significant “time bomb”.

    1. Peter Wileman

      There must be heaps there to dig through, and of course, in the political trough Canavan is implicated in accepting Campion onto his staff and apparently giving her a pay rise.

  9. Lawna Green

    It’s Bold & the Beautiful crossed with farmer wants a root or whatever that shite show is and a bit of Running man thrown in? Not much word on Sally Spectra though
    She kind of owns the show right?

  10. Peter Turner

    If this was old England this matter would be referred as His Barnabys whore carrying his bastard child. Remember Downton Abbey?

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