On the uncivil war in the coalition

Luckyduck writes: Re.”Open war erupts between Turnbull and Joyce”  (Friday)

Unbelievable! I do not understand how Joyce can feel so aggrieved? His standard of behaviour is unacceptable for a Deputy Prime Minister. Over on one of Sydney’s commercial radio station, there was so much anger towards Turnbull and overwhelming support for Joyce. Can’t these people see the errors of judgement by Joyce? How can such gross misbehaviour be supported? This government will collapse soon.

On the ditching of the ABCs corporate tax piece

Zut Alors writes: Re.”The ABC has quietly killed a controversial piece on corporate tax” (Friday)

I have nil sympathy for the ABC in this case, a precedent was set when the Cabinet cabinet files were obediently returned having fallen from the heavens into the national broadcaster’s lap.

The Coalition government does not award brownie points whenever the ABC kowtows to its pressure, it simply applies more.