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Feb 19, 2018

Is Benjamin Netanyahu going to be charged with corruption?

The long standing Israeli Prime Minister could be in trouble, but the road to indictment is long.

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is back in the news today -- speaking at the Munich Security conference, he produced and brandished what he said was the charred section of an Iranian drone that had incurred into Israeli airspace and been blown to pieces for its trouble. One thing we're sure that doesn't represent, is empty tough-guy posturing aimed at distracting from the other major story concerning him: the fact that last week Israeli police recommended he be indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust relating to two cases.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been in Israeli political leadership roles for over 20 years. He was first elected as Prime Minister of the right-wing Likud Party in 1996. His fortunes have been up and down since then, but he remains almost certainly the most influential Israeli politician of his generation, having served four terms as Prime Minister. 

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3 thoughts on “Is Benjamin Netanyahu going to be charged with corruption?

  1. James O'Neill

    Netanyahu is a past master at the politics of distraction and making outrageous claims. He has been claiming for 20 years that Iran was “only months away from an atomic bomb”. But it is a mistake to focus on Netanyahu. The whole of the Israeli cabinet are equally bad. They would have to be the most serial offenders against international law in the Middle East. Note how Netanyahu focuses on the alleged Iranian drone (which they have denied) shooting down an F16, and ignores the fact that it was carrying out acts of war against a neighbouring state. Note also the claim that it was shot down over Israeli territory. In fact it was shot down over the occupied Golan Heights that Israeli has occupied since 1967 and remains despite UN resolutions demanding they leave. They purported to annex the Golan Heights decades ago, and not a squeak from our government who falsely claim that Russia annexed Crimea.
    Netanyahu and his government lead a charmed life thanks to unwavering US support. If you want an example of “meddling in US elections” look no further than AIPAC, instead of the ridiculous claims that are made. Allegedly fiddling the books is the least of his crimes.

  2. AR

    If Bibi’s first, middle & last names aren’t chutzpah it can only because a stronger word was needed.
    Given the number (4, before I stopped counting) of typos, errant words and malapropisms in this piece, was it phoned in or just another example of why Crikey needs a sub editor?

  3. John Robertson

    “he produced and brandished what he said was the charred section of an Iranian drone ” not quite as ridiculous as his cartoon bomb, but about as believable.

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