Feb 19, 2018

Beleaguered Nats’ ill-timed fundraiser offers opportunity to influence

The chance to influence the Nationals' policies can be yours for just a few thousand dollars, and you don't have to declare it. But don't count on meeting Barnaby.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Header of the Nationals' fundraiser invitation

With exquisite timing, the Nationals have sent to Australia's corporations and lobbyists an invitation to a party fundraiser to be held just days after a crucial meeting that could have leader and controversy magnet Barnaby Joyce dumped.

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8 thoughts on “Beleaguered Nats’ ill-timed fundraiser offers opportunity to influence

  1. Jack Robertson

    Can we please start calling this what it is: corruption. It’s rife across most parties and now regarded as normal practise. But we taxpayers employ these marquee drawcards, and it’s their public employment by us alone that makes them saleable to private-corporate customers.

    This should be illegal. MP’s are selling something that isn’t theirs to sell. Is there a legal mechanism by which we can challenge it? Or at least get a slice of the action?

  2. zut alors

    Nationals’ ministers et al don’t come cheaply…if you get my drift.

    What on earth is a ‘Corporate Observers Handbook’ & how have I survived these past decades without one….

  3. Ian Brown

    “The Nationals are using our influence in government ….”
    How do they get to use ‘our’ influence? Or is it the case that they have trouble with the English language (amongst other things)?

  4. brian crooks

    come to the nats party, throw in a few dollars and tell us what you want , everything is on the table,would you like 100 million dollars of water free, no trouble, just write us a cheque.

  5. Nudiefish

    So $6K is the going rate to buy a pollie?

    Perhaps the electorates might chip in and buy a couple to represent OUR interests for a change?

    1. Rais

      $6K is the entrance fee to the showroom. If you want to buy any of the goods exhibited you’ll have to be prepared to stump up much, much more.

  6. Alex

    If the payment is not a donation but payment incl. GST to access National Party pollies, to whom is the cheque made out. If to the National Party as it seems, then it is running a business selling the time of elected representatives. What business arrangement does it have with the pollies that it can sell their taxpayer funded time. If they are “donating” their time to the party for nought then the Party, being a GST registered business, still has to declare the income from the function, doesn’t it? Therefore, wouldn’t it be better to just require donations which don’t attract tax? Someone help me here.

  7. AR

    It is the blatant buffoonery of the brochure that cockles the warmth of my cold soles.
    To paraphrase – “Provides an opportunity to drive policy to empower private enterprise”.
    Surely that is illegal? If not, it bloody well should be – it is certainly amoral & unethical.

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