So, it finally happened. After a question time that resembled the end of Bonnie and Clyde, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull fronted the press to deliver a stinging performance review for his beleaguered deputy Barnaby Joyce and introduce a ban on sexual relations between ministers and their staff -- known across the media of this great land as the bonk ban. This caps off a week of scandal for the government, day upon day of stories piling up against Joyce, which has forced Turnbull to row back his opposition to the ban and, in his withering remarks, much of his support for Joyce. And he's not the only one. Of course, the introduction of a policy seemingly no one wanted will tend to have that affect.

Julie Bishop

"The Government has no business interfering into people's personal lives and we wouldn't want to cross the line, so moral police were able to dictate what happens between consenting adults," Bishop said, two months or so after the government in which she is a senior minister held a public poll on whether same-sex couples had the same validity as straight couples.