In his first speech, Jim Molan declared: “Those journos who call me a member of the NSW Hard Right have never met a member of the New South Wales Hard Right”. I haven’t met Jim Molan but I have known and worked with many in the NSW Hard Right. Make no mistake. Jim speaks like them. He has written for Quadrant, for an anthology of essays called Making Australia Right: Where To From Here? edited by James Allan of the UQ Law School and for the Liberal Party’s hopeless attempt to mimic GetUp!.

Jim Molan could have entered the Senate in the same way most other Senators do -- quietly and with minimal fuss. But this was not to be. Molan’s positions on internal NSW Liberal Party matters have given him enemies in high places. If I had any to spare, I’d put money on a Liberal Party member alerting a journalist to the racial madness appearing Molan’s Facebook page.