Feb 16, 2018

The ABC has quietly killed a controversial piece on corporate tax

The piece, by Emma Alberici, was heavily criticised by the government and businesses.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

The ABC has removed an entire article by its economics correspondent (and former Lateline host) Emma Alberici, without explanation after it was heavily criticised by the government and businesses.

The piece was tied in to a news story also by Alberici, that relied on analysis of company tax paid, leading with the fact that Qantas hadn't paid company tax in almost 10 years. She reported that one in five of Australia's biggest countries, including Qantas, had paid no tax for at least the last three years. In the now-deleted analysis piece, Alberici argued that there was no case to cut corporate taxes because many of Australia's biggest companies weren't paying tax anyway.

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15 thoughts on “The ABC has quietly killed a controversial piece on corporate tax

  1. leon knight

    Who would be surprised at that – Turnbull has form for bullying the ABC, and the ABC has form for being too pissweak to fight back.
    The damage to the ABC has to be repaired, and it will take a Labor government to do it.

  2. zut alors

    I have nil sympathy for the ABC in this case, a precedent was set when the Cabinet cabinet files were obediently returned having fallen from the heavens into the national broadcaster’s lap.

    The Coalition government does not award brownie points whenever the ABC kowtows to its pressure, it simply applies more.

    1. clydeb

      Yes he got a bloke sacked because he didn’t like his tweets The BASTARD TURDASS

  3. CML

    One word for the actions of the ABC in this instance: DISGUSTING!!
    Please ALP…tell us you are going to get rid of that revolting Guthrie woman at the first available opportunity????

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      Cheers Paddy. Ha!

  4. graybul

    . . . but . . but . . . but . . . our ABC is independent . . . isn’t it?
    The voice of we the people. OUR ABC informs, analyses and fact checks all on our behalf . . . all in order to allow us make up our own minds.
    Emma puts in the hard yards only to have her efforts hijacked . . . the entire content now locked away in a PMO secure (ie safe from public access) document cabinet?

    So much for transparency, accountability ABC. PATHETIC and DECEITFUL.

  5. Nicnut

    The ABC is now run by the right-wing-nut-jobs who rule Australia. All ex-Murdoch management. Heaven help the lot of us.

  6. brian crooks

    this article shows how Michelle Guthrie, Murdoch`s media assassin is destroying the once great ABC , the peoples`s` ABC not Murdoch`s ABC , this government, with the unlimited support and help of the mad right wing media is slowly but surely destroying the basic freedoms of ordinary people, the damage already done is repairable if this government is tossed out at the next election, but if given another term it will be too late and Australia will become the next state of the corrupt and working poor USA.

  7. Rais

    It looks as if we no longer have an independent national broadcaster. It’s become a compliant state broadcaster.

  8. philanthropy

    Don’t forget how the ABC got rid of its star technology reporter Nick Ross after his scathing, accurate & embarassing for the Coalition piece on the shortcomings of a copper fraudband FTTN NBN at the requests of Malcolm Turnbull.

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