Most of the debate about the benefit of company tax cuts has focused on how big business would spend their $64 billion windfall from taxpayers, with Australian business and the government insisting they would spend it all on new investment and trickling it down to workers' wages. This is despite US CEOs, who have just been gifted a massive tax cut by Donald Trump, showering it on shareholders and their own executives via share buybacks (buybacks have more than doubled compared to 2016 in the US since the start of the year, with companies announcing nearly $100 billion in buybacks).

Yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull lashed out at the ABC's Emma Alberici for an article in which she traversed much the same turf as a number of other commentators, such as Michael West, or ourselves here at Crikey, have covered over the last year. As incoming Labor senator Kristina Keneally noted, it's a bad look that Turnbull never said boo when male commentators demolished his tax cut claims, but jacked up when a female journalist did it.