The nation needs further accounts of its “Love Rat” Deputy Prime Minister like it needs another thermal coal mine. Surely, there is less than nothing now to be gained from scrutiny of the man’s alleged misdeeds. Hidden corruption is not the true problem with Joyce, or with most any politician. It’s the corruption in plain sight.

Joyce has hardly made a secret of his preposterous views. Still, much of our news media maintains a curious commitment to revealing some powerful secret. Dunno what they expect to do with the Shocking Truth, if it is true or is ever substantiated. Let’s say that we do learn he was led by the libido to a recruitment decision. The scales will not then fall from the eyes of a sightless electorate. Instead, we’ll be blinded just a little longer by the false light of commentators who have come to depict politics as the producers of The Bachelorette depict reality.