For yet another night, Seven’s broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games from South Korea has hit the ratings jackpot. Starting at 9 pm, late in prime time, The Games coverage gathered a national average audience of nearly 1.3 million viewers, which swamped the other networks and gave Seven an easy win on the night. But there was a further 419,000 that watched the Games on 7mate until 9pm, so the real audience across the two Seven channels for the Games was over 1.7 million people.

The Winter Games though did viewers a great service, it squashed Nine’s latest attempt to get into another dating genre reality show -- it's called Date Night and ran for half an hour from 9pm -- 735,000 nationally. It lost half Married at First Sight’s audience, many of whom went to the Games. It was followed by the grubby One Night With My Ex at 9.30pm - 313,000 nationally, while at 10.30 pm Beauty and The Beach got 138,000 nationally. That’s almost fade to black territory. No wonder Nine is putting them on against the Games.