Feb 14, 2018

Getting rid of Barnaby could spark a Turnbull turnaround

Dropping the toxic political deadweight of Barnaby Joyce is just what Malcolm Turnbull needs to finally govern properly.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The thin, but nonetheless very real, silver lining of the vast tropical low that is wreaking such havoc on the government at the moment is that Malcolm Turnbull will have a far better government without Barnaby Joyce. Getting rid of this incompetent flake and slapping the Nationals back into place will be just what the Prime Minister needs to start governing effectively.

As Crikey outlined on Monday, Joyce is a walking disaster. Everything he touches is a debacle. The current catastrophe of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is down to Joyce's truculent refusal to do anything in water policy that didn't pander to his irrigator mates -- including making sure the states took their responsibilities seriously. In parliament, he is literally incoherent about his "new" portfolio, infrastructure, reflexively talking about another colossal Nationals waste of money, the inland rail, even when asked about Tasmanian projects. Politically, Joyce has mishandled every aspect of the revelations over the last week.

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64 thoughts on “Getting rid of Barnaby could spark a Turnbull turnaround

  1. Duncan Gilbey

    Still waiting for “the Real Malcolm” Bernard?
    The words “competent” and “Turnbull” should not appear in the same sentence.

    1. AR

      … nor the same page, chapter book or planet.

  2. Ian Roberts

    The PM’s a scumbag too! Even worse than the beetrooter. I suspect somewhere, deep beneath that smarmy veneer, perhaps lodged in the cavity where his spine once stood lies a remnant skerrick of morality that reminds Turnbull how awful he has become.

  3. 124C4U

    Talkbull has done more “turnarounds’ than a dog does before lying, (down, in the dog’s case). Climate Change, Carbon Tax and on and on.
    In some respects if he could turnaround as fast as a gyroscope it could be better.
    Gyroscopic force should cause him to be more directional, stand up more firmly and due to precession correct his lean to the right.

  4. AR

    A couple of years ago, before he, allegedly, saw the light on neolib nuttiness, BK was notorious for using his Crikey articles as job applications to the mudorc.
    Now he seems intent on becoming Talcum’s spin doctor.

    1. zut alors

      BK won’t accrue much holiday leave should he get that gig.

  5. rhwombat

    God, I hope you’re trying to be ironic BK.

  6. Venise Alstergren

    Do me a tiny Bernard….It is to Malcolm Turnbull’s everlasting shame that he relished being in bed with Barnaby Joyce, in the first place. ALSO Turnbull’s shame became even deeper with him happily prepared to blame all his misfortunes on a spectral “group of savagely right- wing kitchen cabinet of murderous wrongos.” Oh no. There’s nothing Turnbull can do by suddenly producing a clean and talented group of politicians. He has used up his brownie points, Bernard. The electorate is not dramatically stupid. Although many of our Pollies seem to believe otherwise.

  7. magnet

    Because a dead rat on a stick would make a better PM than the current Disaster putting Barnaby in a bag and sticking him on the back bench will make not one iota of difference.The rot is irreversible.

    1. Susan Anderson

      Dead rat on a stick, that’s actually quite appealing, at least we would stop going backwards

  8. lykurgus

    Shed those hopes.
    Shed ANY hope of any “real Malcolm” emerging with or without Sexual Harassment Tomato. There is NO real Malcolm – there is no good Malcolm, there is no bad Malcolm, there is no “meh” Malcolm. Any such Malcolm would’ve scoffed at the Tomatos demands on day one.
    What there is, is a gaping Malcolm-shaped hole into which you’re pouring whatever you damn well please. It has ever been, and will ever be so.

    1. Don

      All you need now Lykurgus is to find one more suitable adjective beginning with I to make a handy and apposite acronym.

      1. Karen Hutchinson

        Don your observation is priceless. Thank you for today’s best giggle.

  9. gjb

    Can the deputy PM be a senate member?

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