Feb 14, 2018

Hi, this is Christian, he’ll be your Attorney-General from now on

Who is Christian Porter exactly, and why do so many people think he'll be PM one day?

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


After George Brandis, true to recent form, delivered an equal parts catty and principled valedictory speech last week, we cast our attention to the spectacular rise of his replacement as attorney-general, dynastic golden boy Christian Porter.

A liberal dynasty

Porter comes from a long line of Liberal party figures. His grandfather, Sir Charles Porter was a minister in the Joh Bjelke-Petersen government between 1966 and 1980. And his father Charles “Chilla” Porter was (apart from an Olympic medal-winning high jumper) director of the WA Liberal Party for many years in the 1970s and 1980s — something Christian used both of his maiden addresses to parliament to bring up: “This [The Liberal Party] is the party which my father served as a state director, and which my grandfather created in Queensland, upon Menzies’ instruction, and which he served as a state director in Queensland and later as a minister of the Crown.” 

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10 thoughts on “Hi, this is Christian, he’ll be your Attorney-General from now on

  1. grimace

    Porter’s potential may well be moot as he faces an uphill battle to retain his seat of Pearce, where demographics in the rapidly urbanising seat are moving against the Liberal party.

  2. AR

    Porter would be a good example of the rise of another vat bred simulacrum except that they generally rise without trace, like scum on a septic tank.
    Unfortunately this gilded creature leaves in his wake so many blighted lives in WA that I fear the effect he will have in Canberra.
    I hope that Grimace is correct about his electoral chances.
    As with Dunnuttin being in danger of losing his seat, that might be the only thing that saves this country.

  3. Evil Garry

    Why is Turnbull so intent on promoting hard right whackjobs like Dutton and Porter to so many important positions? Granted, the job of Attorney General has to go to a lawyer, but there’s about 35 other federal LNP members with law degrees, so surely there’s a small ‘L’ liberal somewhere in that pile of festering turds. Like Grimace and AR, I hope that if the next election doesn’t deliver us from this mob, that Dutton and Porter hopefully get the arses kicked by their electorates, with or without the help of GetUp in Dutton’s case.

    1. [email protected]

      I think that’s fairly obvious. Despite the carefully cultivated sham moderate image of earlier times, Turnbull has always been a part of the selfish, self-interested right wing of his party and the nation.

  4. Woody

    The fact that his grandfather was a minister in the putrid Bjelke-Petersen government rings alarm bells !

  5. cp

    Hmm…”hoons, vandals and anti-social offenders” seem to disgust him. What’s he think of his parliamentary colleagues? He’s just another filthy hypocrite in power.

    1. Coral SeeNQ

      Reminds me of Paul Ryan…….just another white collar criminal with a nazi tattoo he got after a night on the turps.

  6. Damon

    Could Crikey please provide some analysis of the coincidence of Porter III’s term as WA Treasurer with prolifigate expenditures of proceeds from mining royalties, such that complaints about GST carveups have ensued and ever since?

  7. old greybearded one

    Nope he is not pandering to the right wing scum of the Liberals, he is one of them.

  8. Sleuth

    He was sworn in as the Minister for Social Services in the Turnbull government in September 2015, where he continued his talent for supporting polices with disastrous consequences, by insisting Centrelink’s robodebt process was working “incredibly well”.

    Porter comes from a long line of Liberal party bullies, that insist on punishing anyone who’s poor and doing it tough. There a lot of good people with a social conscience who would relish the thought of Porter losing his seat.

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