Feb 13, 2018

Turnbull tells Indigenous people: entrepreneur your way over that gap!

If only grants to Indigenous businesses were a Closing The Gap indicator, things would be looking up for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people...

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

It's not unexpected that, in presenting a report that confirms our national strategy to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is failing, a government -- any government -- would endeavour to put the best gloss on it. Thus, in reporting that we were on track in three of the seven Closing The Gap targets, Malcolm Turnbull yesterday pointed out this was the best result since 2011. Moreover, the government is "refreshing" the strategy, and made much of the consultation with Indigenous leaders and communities that is (finally) being undertaken in relation to it -- although the Prime Minister in question time seemed to suggest he wished the whole process would hurry up.

But the Prime Minister also devoted much of his speech yesterday -- around a fifth of it -- to boasting of his government's efforts to encourage Indigenous businesses:

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5 thoughts on “Turnbull tells Indigenous people: entrepreneur your way over that gap!

  1. zut alors

    I didn’t have the stomach to listen to the speech so should be obliged to Bernard for picking out the high(?)lights.

    Turnbull’s diatribe was as expected: the longer he’s PM the more his speeches disappoint.

  2. bref

    With an apathetic population and even more apathetic government, I don’t see any future changes. Even the greens and labor parties seem to be strangely devoid of progressive policies.

  3. AR

    If the Future belongs to the current Gen then, like wrinklies since Plato, we is gefukked.
    Perhaps they might be able to understand the category error in current Abo. policy imbroglio by recalling Avatar, whitey come to save the natives.
    (I’ve read that the perpetrators of that crapola have been working on several sequels & prequels ever since the blue boobies burst upon the scene but they’re still “in production” so perhaps a trace of a sense of decency remains.)

    1. bref

      After the abject policy and action failures of my father’s and my generation, I can hardly criticise what future generations might do. I hate that we’re just kicking the can down the road, but there’s no sign the current politicians will bring change. I can only hope they’ll start to sort out in the next 20 years what we haven’t in the last 100.

  4. klewso

    Pork-barrelling to fund? Mates, sponsors and donors to cater to – they all need money – rip it out of Indigenous programs.
    Not meeting goals? Change those goal posts.
    Politics is easy.

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