Tele's Rush court defence withheld. The Daily Telegraph's defence in the Geoffrey Rush defamation case has not -- even a redacted version -- been released by the court. Rush sued the paper's publisher, Nationwide News, over a story it published on the front page accusing the actor of inappropriate behaviour during the Sydney Theatre Company's production of King Lear. Rush denies the claims. The Australian reports that the Federal Court yesterday ruled the Tele's formal defence be suppressed until later this month, when lawyers will argue whether it should be released. Rush's lawyers argued that publishing the defence would further damage Rush's reputation.

ABC apologises to Rudd. The ABC has issued an apology on all platforms to former prime minister Kevin Rudd over one of its "cabinet files" stories. One of the documents the ABC reported on was prepared for the strategic priorities and budget commission, and warned of "critical risks" in the roll-out of the home insulation scheme. The report said the document did not specify the nature of the risks, but in its apology the ABC has said it didn't intend "to suggest that Mr Rudd recklessly ignored critical risks", and it "unreservedly apologises to Mr Rudd for any harm or embarrassment caused".