Feb 9, 2018

The Barnaby Joyce tryst is not the first of its kind

Barnaby Joyce and his minders could have learned some media management lessons from how then-NT Chief Minister Adam Giles revealed his partner and former staffer's pregnancy in 2015.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Of the many think pieces on The Daily Telegraph's revelation this week that Barnaby Joyce is having a baby with a former staffer, Sky's Samantha Maiden's effort made some especially good points.

She argues in her Daily Telegraph op-ed that Joyce and his media team could very well have taken control of how the news went out themselves:

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13 thoughts on “The Barnaby Joyce tryst is not the first of its kind

  1. old greybearded one

    No it is not, but then Adam Giles had split from his wife before the affair, Joyce had not. Also, Joyce had been capitalising on his good moral Catholic, sanctity of marriage image. Like everything else about him this is now revealed as bullshit. HE deserves no sympathy. The big joke is Turnbull saying it is not the government’s business, when Joyce was saying exactly how it was the government’s business. A pox on Joyce, he is a sanctimonious lying windbag who cheats on his wife and gets a colleague to create a new job for the girlfriend or so it would appear.

    1. Terrence Larsen

      Quite so OGO.
      Also, reports today are that FOI requests for records on expenditures for Joyce and his former staffer have been refused.
      On 7.30 the other night Joyce claimed that FIO information had revealed nothing.
      It just keeps getting sleazier.

      1. zut alors

        The deputy PM is as slippery as a greased pig: if no FOI material has been released of course there’s nothing to see. Apparently the nation must get over it & move on.

        Cousin Jethro has chosen his words ever so carefully. He admits there have been REQUESTS from the media but there’s no mention of complying with FOIs, instead he says somewhat ambiguously, ‘there’s nothing there’. Which may translate to: nothing is being made available.

        From the 7.30 interview transcript Cousin Jethro’s exact words:

        ‘This issue has been FOI-ed – that’s Freedom of Information request – from just about every media outlet for a very long period of time. So uphill, down-dale they have enquired into this and nothing has been found, because there’s nothing there.’

        and this….

        ‘Well, they have FOI-ed everything to do with my travel and they – and nothing is – has been turned up because there’s nothing there. I mean, it’s not a case of conducting, you know, using taxpayers’ funds to conduct other things than what is your business. And my business is to represent the people of New England and to represent people in Australia.’

  2. zut alors

    I heard on one report that Campion had been Cousin Jethro’s press secretary prior to shifting to Canavan’s staff. A press secretary to a deputy PM should know how to mitigate what can only be termed a scandal.

  3. Peter Wileman

    “It would have been more gentlemanly in my opinion for the Deputy PM and his media team to manage this situation for his new partner, his wife and his four daughters”. ‘Gentlemanly’ is not a term that can be used in regards to this amoeba. I totally agree with Old Greybearded One’s statements, but the fact remains that this low life is a faltering heartbeat from being our glorious leader. The very idea scares the poo-poo out of me!

  4. Ethical Source

    The DPM’s office provided no guidance or support to Mrs Joyce throughout this time. Months ago the ceased contact with her, and told her nothing about the situation. It was a compete disgrace of the new chief of staff who is the former senior media adviser who is complicit in knowledge of the scandal and did nothing to protect Mrs Joyce or her family.

  5. AR

    Barnyard is living proof that Big Jack Lang, as quoted by PJK, was wrong about putting your money on self interest because you know that it is trying.
    A modicum of ability is also required.

  6. klewso

    Did Jethro’s “staff” qualify for Capital City T/A, to be on-hand in Canberra and other places to help him out as needed?

    1. AR

      Yes, every last one of them, including the CAs.
      This is over & above the deemed rate for motel accommodation – which is often block booked centrally.

  7. John Bradbury

    Must be about the only thing Giles did get right during his entire time in office.

  8. klewso

    “You can get it weddin’;
    Or water-sheddin’.
    In Gina’s jet over Bangalore.
    A hardened thirst for the public purse
    At the end of the day you need a bittta,
    A Bitter Jethro….

    You can get it hawkin’
    And barrel porkin’.
    Get it pimpin’ Adani coal
    (Matter of fact that is his goal)
    A Bitter Jethro …. goes a long way.

  9. Dougz

    Barnaby was a big part of the “Say No” chorus on same sex marriage (SSM).
    Meanwhile, by the look of it, he was trading in his old Marriage Certificate for a new one.
    For these guys to suggest that in some way a Marriage Certificate is too sacred for a same sex couple to have, whilst it’s not so “sacred” that heterosexual couples can’t get as many Marriage Certificates as they want, is just absurd logic.
    Since he took that absurd position on SSM, he can’t play the “private matter” card and stop our legitimate questioning of his standards as they relate to SSM.
    His ex-wife, kids and new partner are entitled to privacy on this basis.
    Secondly, it seems that a highly-paid new job was created over in the Canavan office and when his partner left that role she wasn’t replaced. That’s my taxes paying for it and worthy of investigation as it looks like classic nepotism.
    Thirdly, his free accommodation in Armidale is also worthy of investigation; the value of it is much more than Dastyari went down for (deservedly!).
    For Barnaby, 2018 is off to an awful start.
    He brought it on himself.

  10. PaulM

    The Chief Minister of the NT is not within the geographical range of interest of B Joyce. Darwin is not in QLD or northern NSW, so Joyce would have had no interest in, or knowledge of, what Adam Giles did.

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