Feb 9, 2018

ABC sticks to the script in its first annual public meeting

The meeting was an opportunity for ABC leadership to tout the broadcaster's popularity and cultural impact, though it failed to mark much of a change from its recent message.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

ABC Chairman Justin Milne, Managing Director Michelle Guthrie, Board Member Peter Lewis and Board Member Dr Kristin Ferguson 


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9 thoughts on “ABC sticks to the script in its first annual public meeting

  1. susan winstanley

    it was not a “meeting” Emily! ABC Chairman Justin Milne is telling abcnews that it was the first of many AGMs and we are in fact “shareholders” in a corporation .. he obviously thinks this makes sense. And how on earth does #ABCYours work as a new brand name? If I say the ABC is Yours, then it is not Mine. How much did we tax-paying citizens pay some dopey private contractor for this nonsense?

  2. paddy

    Clearly, the first essential step in reviving the ABC is changing the Federal Govt.
    The rot has set in way too far under the current lot.
    Rudd at least tried (but failed) to de-politicize the board appointments. Hard to see where the current train wreck will end up. Very depressing.

  3. zut alors

    I immediately thought ‘ABC, up Yours’. Apt under this Coalition government.

  4. AR

    Paddy has it.
    Bastards Out, bastards OUT!

  5. gjb

    The rural network of ABC news and ABC radio is about all that’s worth keeping, it’s still the only source of info in emergency/ disaster situations….. Do not tamper with it.
    I’ve stopped using the ABC online content as its far to socially manipulative and opinionated, there has been a loss of credibility organisation wide as a result.
    I wouldn’t choose to pay for most of the rest if I was given the option, but I wouldn’t pay for any commercial television or radio whatsoever.

  6. klewso

    Rupert couldn’t make it in person?

    1. AR

      There’s a ‘person’, you say?
      Leaving aside the frighteningly plausible theory that the mudorc was taken over by Aliens decades ago, they must have worn out the life systems by now?
      Which of the spawn is the most useful recipient vessel, Fish-Eyes James or Louche Lachlan?

      1. klewso

        Maybe his vector was late?

  7. Pamela

    Well now we know if we get information worth broadcasting don’t give it to the ABC even if it affects our rights and democracy. They will interview Bonking Barnaby trying to extract salacious rubbish but hands off a Government Minister using ASIO
    To screw the refugees out of their rights. Don’t mention that people died in detention waiting for an ASIO clearance which never came.

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