Another solid night for Seven with My Kitchen Rules doing the business topping Nine’s T20  from Hobart. Nine won the night because the cricket went on for more than 220 minutes whereas MKR was done and eaten in 115 minutes. MKR managed 1.65 million national viewers  the T20 1.32 million, but that lower figure over the longer time ended up dominating prime time and giving Nine the night, which will be added to tonight with Married At First Sight back in the schedule (after being rested for the cricket last night). Personally, I will be watching Gogglebox on Ten to see what they say about MAFS, MKR and the rest.

My Wednesday favourite, Mad As Hell  got 702,000 nationally and deserved more. In regional markets MKR was tops with 525,000, followed by Seven News with 483,000, Seven News/Today Tonight was third with 434,000, Home and Away was fourth with 432,000 and the T20 game was fifth with 413,000.