Feb 7, 2018

The Morrison, Molan and general Coalition guide to excusing lies and hate speech

The new logic from the government is that your former job gives you unchallengeable authority to say anything you like, no matter how wrong.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Caught out in one of the more brazen lies uttered by a politician in recent times, Treasurer Scott Morrison yesterday was unrepentant. Why had he claimed Labor's negative gearing policy would smash the housing market and wreck the economy when his own department's analysis showed, at worst, minimal impacts?

I didn’t agree with them. That’s why. My first job was as a research economist in the property sector.

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11 thoughts on “The Morrison, Molan and general Coalition guide to excusing lies and hate speech

  1. Michael Quincey O'Neill

    There are instances in history when Ministers have made the right call against their Department’s advice.

    Paul Keating floated the dollar despite the disapproval from Treasury Secretary John Stone.

    1. lykurgus

      Did you just compare ScoMo to Keating?

  2. pinkocommierat

    Whatever happened to that strong start for the government that the press gallery was banging on about? Who needs Tones to derail things when you have Jim and Barnaby?

  3. Sue Miills

    These people. This particular Government. They break my heart. There because their entire focus was on scamming their way to a position where they could guzzle & piss away Australian tax dollars. I hear they don’t even read the legislation they vote on. And the pivots! Actual problems (pollution, climate change, social insecurity…) ignored as much effort was put into making terrorism & war our problems. And the ice scourge vanished to be replaced by making over-the-counter codeine a problem. They break my heart

  4. lykurgus

    “Exam. I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells. Apparently ‘young Muslims’ and ‘Somalians’ were not the correct answers.”… (quoted on TheNewDaily 7/2/18 9am)
    You can just feel the not-racism oozing from every pistil of this delicate little flower, to whom pink-gin-overindulgence in the officers mess counts as putting ones life on the line for freedom.
    (Yes, if you’re wondering, senior officers – current and former – DO tend to be special snowflakes with skin so thin you can see their pulse)

  5. CML

    Just when we thought this government could not get any worse…along comes the latest recruit……..BINGO!!!!!

    1. Rais

      There you are. And everyone thought One Notion joining the Coalition would be a catastrophe. And now the Coalition has its very own Jim “Hanson” Molan.

  6. zut alors

    Good examples of highly paid ‘representatives of the people’ (?) ineptly furthering their limp arguments.

    Reminiscent of former PM Abbott who once prosecuted his case with the dazzling line, “Look, it just IS.”

  7. Longfulan

    The likes of Molan are blessed as rank amateurs, narcissistic bumblers who believe their own propaganda and are hypocrites to boot. The average IQ of the conservatives in our parliament is hardly boosted by the new senator.

  8. klewso

    Looks like we’re gonna need some new Commandments?

  9. AR

    It was quite something to hear criticism of Molan described as a shameful attack of a man in uniform. (No mention if that included wings)

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