Catalano "boys club" complaint. The Australian Financial Review reports today that shortly before former Domain CEO Antony Catalano suddenly left the business, a formal complaint about the the workplace culture at the recently-listed company was lodged. The Fin quotes the complaint:

In no uncertain terms, it is a total 'boys club' in Melbourne. I have witnessed female colleagues made to feel uncomfortable because of names like 'doll', 'babe' and subjected to behaviour that's nothing short of bullying. It's like working in an office in the 1980s. I recently witnessed a disgraceful display of such in a meeting where, when questions were asked about why a certain event was taking place, my [female] boss was yelled at, belittled and spoken to in a completely unprofessional way. Others in my team report men telling them to 'smile', being 'perved at' and being objectified.