Feb 6, 2018

Yale Diary: religion, ecology and how to avert a disaster

The recent Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University, which promotes dialogue between faith and sciences, laid out a pathway for how to avoid planetary catastrophe.

Emma Shortis

Fox International Fellow, Yale University


Not all State of the Union speeches are created equal. Fifty-seven years ago, in his first SOTU address, a young and largely untested President John F. Kennedy implored the United States’ mortal enemy, the Soviet Union, to join Americans in their quest to send probes to Mars and Venus — missions that might “someday unlock the deepest secrets of the universe”.


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5 thoughts on “Yale Diary: religion, ecology and how to avert a disaster

  1. AR

    Crikey does SMH – Advertorial.

    1. cp

      I just clicked on the link. Your right, straight to an ad for a course in what looks like an acid trip.
      Crikey, can you please piss off with this weird shit? It gives me a hangover.

  2. Dan

    God save us from religious thinkers. The fact that we exist does not prove that we belong here. That argument has been debunked by science and simple clear thinking. Religion also got Trump elected. Perhaps they ought to address the idiocy in their own ranks before instructing the rest of us.

  3. graybul

    But is it correct? “We can . . . . stem the tide of that destruction, but we can’t reverse it.”
    If it is so . . . why in hell do we still tolerating political and corporate greed unto destruction?

  4. Zeke

    Birth control? Abortion?

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