Feb 6, 2018

Why is Jim Molan retweeting a Russian propaganda account?

As a former soldier, Senator Jim Molan ought to know better than to share Russian propaganda.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

You’d think an old soldier like Jim Molan — the Steven Bradbury of the Senate — would retain some Cold War-era wariness of Russia and its implacable hostility to the West. But it turns out that his enthusiasm for retweeting the fake (and racist) claims of extreme-right groups extends to disseminating the work of a Russian-controlled fake news site.

As Crikey contributor Irfan Yusuf has pointed out, last year Molan shared a number of tweets from “Voice of Europe”, a far-right fake news site controlled by Russia that, apart from disseminating racist attacks on Muslims, has been active in supporting Catalonian separatism.

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24 thoughts on “Why is Jim Molan retweeting a Russian propaganda account?

  1. thelorikeet

    OK Jim, I’ll take you at your word. You’re not a racist. So what explains the choices you made here? Bad judgement, maybe? And bad judgement is a terminal condition in politics. Just as young Sam who flitted out as you entered the Senate. Now Jimbo may have been a fab Maj-Gen (just like Sammy was actually a talented campaigner) but, hey-ho! He hasn’t worked out that the military is not the same as civic life.

    1. lykurgus

      “Now Jimbo may have been a fab Maj-Gen”
      Pretty f*ckin’ ordinary actually. He didn’t command allied forces in the assault. He was in charge of a thing called “energy security” – a staff appointment that got created on the spot for want of some place to put him (and to spare him the fact that this Academy lifer was almost exactly failing to impress).
      We didn’t know him from Adam until he got sworn into the red room – and then only because he can’t stop tipping buckets of shit on the army.

      1. David Irving (no relation)

        Interesting. I never encountered him during my service (I was a surveyor for most of it), but suspected he wasn’t up to much.

  2. Decorum

    Molan was paid – very handsomely, I’m sure – to “put his life on the line for Islamic countries”. So doing his job makes him not a racist – good news for the entire ADF!

  3. unimpressed

    You call Voice of Europe propaganda while gleefully quoting from Voice of America. Somewhat of a pot, kettle, black moment, wouldn’t you say?

    1. cp

      And together with Russia’s “implacable hostility to the West” made me think the article was written by someone whose views are as extreme as the article’s subject.

      1. Rais

        Yes where did that come from Bernard? Putin’s no democrat and he’s as responsible for the deaths of innocents as, say, Howard or Bush, but implacably hostile to the West he’s not. Any leader in the position of finding a major military pact massing its forces as close as they can get to his borders has to take some military precautions but implacably hostile? What evidence is there of that?

  4. Tom Jones

    I wonder how many Muslims died while Senator Molan “put his life on the line”. Was he shooting or just ordering others to do so? Did he venture out of the Green Zone”? Has he always been a racist? So many questions that I am sure he will ignore.

  5. klewso

    Brough, Nikolic, Robert, Newman, Hastie now Molan?
    One of my fondest memories of this supercilious khaki camouflaged conservative was his appearance on 7:30, as some sort of “impartial, independent expert” on “the refugee problem” – a couple of days before coming out with Abbott and Morrison (as some sort of imprimatur) having hatched Sovereign Borders.
    But we can’t criticise him – doing that would be tantamount to criticising the flag, country and “un-Australian”?

    1. leon knight

      Good post Klewso, but I seem to recall the ABC seeking the advice of this serial ratbag quite a lot since Abbott and Turnbull started surreptitiously threatening ABC management.

    2. old greybearded one

      Good one Klewso, very trueso.

      1. klewso

        For all I know, criticising him could be a breach of the “national interest” now.

  6. Nudiefish

    I’m a former soldier too, yet only as a baggy arsed grunt. As far as respect goes, I would only salute him in an area known to contain hostile forces.

    Diggers will understand what I mean.

    1. rhwombat

      Ah. Virtual fragging?

    2. AR

      Or offer him the 3rd light for his cig.

    3. lykurgus

      We do – as long as you’re respecting the rank, the foreskin wearing it can bloody well fight his own battles.

      Oh… you meant the other thing…

    4. unimpressed

      Similar to Blamey in Port Moresby, WW2?

    5. David Irving (no relation)

      Oh, well done! I’m guessing he wasn’t popular with the lads.

  7. John Hall

    Put his life in the line FOR Islamic countries is a gross misstatement. IN & not wanted is a more accurate depiction of our disaster in ousting Saddam on lies to the public. What a great environment we ‘created’ in the Middle East – I salute you sir.

  8. AR

    Nice little bit of No theatre in the Senate Question Time this arvo.
    And who better to lurch to defend the Mole’s combat record than EricA?
    Some sort of race memory?

  9. AR

    Anyone remember the last attempt to elevate a military figure, the hero of East Timor?
    Whatever happened to him?

    1. lykurgus

      Same thing that happens to any Governor-General appointed by a fanboy (or any appointee whose patron wants to don the vicarious khaki)… people start forgetting that he’s still in office.

  10. Rais

    Just read the Daily Mail report linked in the article. If quoted correctly Molan wants us to have the kind of legal regime Apartheid South Africa used to have. “Lock ’em up first and ask questions later.” “Give up all your rights so you can be safe.” When I was on the farm we treated our sheep well. They didn’t have any rights but we kept them healthy and well fed. When they were surplus to requirements we sold some. When we needed meat we killed one. That’s what you get when you give up rights Mr Molan. The life of well-treated sheep.

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