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Feb 6, 2018

AFLW “gender equality storm” … bring back Dundee … chaos at Newsweek …

The decision to replace the host for an AFL women's competition program with a man is working itself up into a "gender equality storm". Last year's host Tiffany Cherry says the decision to replace her as host of Women's Footy with Clint Stanaway is a "significant step back".

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

AFLW presenter "gender equality storm". The decision to replace the host for an AFLW program with a man is working itself up into a "gender equality storm", as puts it. Last year's host Tiffany Cherry wrote for the Herald Sun last week, saying the decision by Channel Nine and Croc Media to replace her as host of Women's Footy with Clint Stanaway was a "significant step back". AFLW star Daisy Pearce has weighed in now, though, telling SEN Breakfast it's not necessary to have a woman presenting the show:

When I tune in and hear Rohan Connolly and Jack Heverin doing the preview on SEN for the women's round, I love that. It shows that the outside world and media consider this to be football, not women's football.

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4 thoughts on “AFLW “gender equality storm” … bring back Dundee … chaos at Newsweek …

  1. klewso

    Hasn’t Rupert (from under his Limited News) urging this dedication of resources – got enough money and resources to do another Dundee?
    Or is this another case of “Adani fever” – not good enough for him to put his money where his mouth is, but good enough for us?

  2. klewso

    And further to Limited News/Teletrash – after the way they (and others in our media – not least the likes of our increasingly Guthrified ABC’s right-leaning Sales, Lane, Jones, Alberici, Baird, Fanning, Probyn, Crabb) have gone out of their way to go all soft and gooey on the Limited News Party/government, fighting their cynical PR smirking wars against all Opposition (Labor, Greens, critics of Adani and coal) to now be upset when that partisanship is being dumped on?
    The way Limited News has gone after the ABC to crucify it for “leaking” that which Limited News would preferred “contained”? Including dispatching Dickie to cover their arses after Masters had been sniffng around their Moonloght State for a couple of months, knowing what 4 Corners would find – what Limited News (doing business in Qld) had kept quiet and sat on for years; including when the ABC was embarrassing Bjelke-Petersen solo.
    The self-censoring (withholding of facts) of our advertorial media, where opinion trump news, is being challenged by the amateurs in the government = ‘time to get pissed’?

  3. Rais

    Never thought it could happen. A Sydney Daily Terrorgraph headline that’s actually serious and one I agree with. The proposed legislation as reported would put us in the same category of suppressed press as China or Egypt.

    1. Rais

      Further to the above: I lived in Indonesia for several years in the 1970s when Suharto was president and newspapers could lose their publishing licences for publishing opinions or reports inconvenient to the government. A newspaper would get closed down and in a few weeks time the same people would open a “new” newspaper with a similar format and staff but a different name. So “Sinar Harapan” (“Ray of Hope”) closed down but reappeared as “Suara Pembaruan” (Voice of Renewal.”) Apart from closure there was little in the way of punishment for “offending” journalists. Prosecution was rare. Apparently what our government intends is much harsher, censorship via fear of prosecution and imprisonment. I think there may be a minority of journalists who would dare the government to implement that and thereby become prisoners of conscience but not the major media organisations. We would have a compliant State broadcaster in place of an independent National broadcaster.

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