Turnbull steering our democracy toward disaster

Crikey readers on government repression.

On government repression

Ian Hunt writes:  Re. "Is this the most repressive government in our history?" (Friday) 

Well Bernard, I have no illusions about Turnbull ever since his Godwin Grech campaign. And, as for ministerial discretion in prosecution, that it is the most poisonous proposal of the lot. It means “We cannot defend this repressive, illiberal legislation that we support, so we will take the public for fools by limiting their excessive scope with a get out clause that means they are not limited in scope at all. But we assume voters are mugs, who will not oppose these repressively wide laws if we just pretend that we are lessening their scope.”

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2 thoughts on “Turnbull steering our democracy toward disaster

  1. brian crooks

    the A.F.P is now a personal police force for the Turnbull government, fair work Australia has been stacked with government stooges, the high court has Turnbull appointees in control, the ABC is run by a Murdoch clone, murdoch controls the media and news, the unions have been muzzled and the opposition is being strangled of election funding, whats the difference between living in Australia and Russia, personally I think their governments a bit softer on its citizens compared to turnbulls S.S Gestapo tactics

  2. klewso

    Hard to argue – when “national security” seems to include maintaining secrecy about how inept the government and our own security services are?
    On apparent grounds (from the evidence available) that :- “If that gets out we might vote this mob out”?

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