On government repression

Ian Hunt writes:  Re. “Is this the most repressive government in our history?” (Friday) 

Well Bernard, I have no illusions about Turnbull ever since his Godwin Grech campaign. And, as for ministerial discretion in prosecution, that it is the most poisonous proposal of the lot. It means “We cannot defend this repressive, illiberal legislation that we support, so we will take the public for fools by limiting their excessive scope with a get out clause that means they are not limited in scope at all. But we assume voters are mugs, who will not oppose these repressively wide laws if we just pretend that we are lessening their scope.”

John Hall writes: Re. “Is this the most repressive government in our history?” (Friday)

We are rapidly losing our claims as a democracy. Western idealism is surrendering to fears of its own making. We co-signed on the script to invade the Middle East and make things easier for extremism to arise from the fields of dishonor. I hope the average Australian is aware enough to give voice at the next election and refuse to hear the fear farts of many of our so-called leaders that are dissolving our democracy before our eyes, with barely a whisper of disgust, except from those immediately effected.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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