The public health lobby recently renewed its push for "sugar tax" on soft drinks, arguing it would help reduce obesity. "A tax on sugar sweetened beverages should be introduced as a matter of priority," the Australian Medical Association (AMA) stated early in January. The doctor's lobby group -- fresh from their self-serving win in preventing Australians from buying codeine-based medication -- argued that food producers and retailers are contributing to "overweight and obesity with associated health problems" and if those industries profess any commitment to nutrition, the "credibility of these statements is undermined by their lack of engagement around evidence-based interventions".

The AMA has been cheered on by significant sections of the media, with Fairfax and the ABC providing positive coverage for a tax and suggesting any lack of interest from politicians -- the government was quick to rule out a sugar tax -- as the sinister product of the toxic lobbying power of Big Soda.