Feb 5, 2018

How long before the traditional news cycle dies?

If this summer's news has taught us anything, it's that traditional media cycle is on life-support, and the end may be closer than you think.

Christopher Warren

Journalist and media watcher

The desperate reporting of African gangs leaves us feeling that the summer of 2018 is the moment where job cuts and social media came together to finally break the news cycle.

In the summer silly season, as institutions slumber, journalists have to feed the news cycle themselves, although there’s always the odd politician ready to help. But this summer, the cycle never really turned over. We had the Sydney trains that didn’t quite strike; an Adelaide that didn’t black-out; and we had the hunt for the mythological African gangs of Melbourne.

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7 thoughts on “How long before the traditional news cycle dies?

  1. old greybearded one

    Perhaps, before Crikey gets too self righteous, it should discuss Hinch’s column last week which played the African ball for all it was worth. What is more he said African and didn’t in the least mind demeaning every person from the continent who lives here. Very shabby Crikey.

    1. Rais

      Hinch is an entertainer who briefly showed promise of being a serious parliamentarian. It would be a pity if he returned to old habits. Perhaps he could think up a new name for his one-man Justice Party if he wants to be back in the lynch mob with the other shock jocks. The Summary Justice Party?

      1. klewso

        Couldn’t agree more OGO – letting the hypocrite, with his record, use these columns for PR to promote his idea of what’s right is beyond the pointy stick.
        As for the Just Us Party showing promise of being a “serious paliamentarian” – I missed that – must have blinked?

  2. Anniejean

    Don’t forget the annual Christmas splash that Kevin Donnelly gets on the ABC

    1. MJM

      Oh mooaann!!!! There he was on The Drum one evening last week. The ABC should have more respect for my blood pressure than to have him on without any warning. Perhaps they could treat him like a filing cabinet with secret papers and get ASIO officers (with their faces pixelled out, of course) to collect him?

  3. klewso

    It might not be dead, but it’s showing all the signs of being on lifeless support.
    Is Limited News anything but professional social media?

  4. Ben.

    Pointed out by another, but Crikey’s finger pointing gets weakened when they pay a tabloid-hack turned accidental Senator to write a column where he picks out single events, cites himself as a source and brags about his ratings to try convince us that the “African gang” problem is real and terrifying.

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