Reactions to the auto-defenestration of David Feeney in the seat of Batman itself have been varied — although they pretty much all added up to a giant wave of laughter coming through Northcote High Street and rolling down Ruckers Hill all the way to the city — but one comrade at least had a few kind words for the now beached grouper.

Yes, it’s our old friend Van Badham, chair of anarcho-syndicalist-libertarian-communists for Zionism … and Michael Danby … and David Feeney. In a series of tweets that will remind some grizzled left-wing veterans of left-wing veterans from their youth getting all teary about Dear Leader, Van Batman farewelled the Feenster in grand style:

There um, I … well, point one of tweet one is factually incorrect. Point two of email two? Re: modesty, what Churchill said of Attlee. As for him being the victim of “bad luck” and the “perfect distillation of Batman” well, that’s exactly what the entitled Labor elite would say about each other. This pasty, old, propertied-up grouper representative of Batman, from Northcote to Preston, 80-something nations/cultures, hipsters, students, Kooris, seventh-generationers, etc? But he knows about the Punic Wars. Delenda Young Richo est. The Greens are hoping you will get in the van, Labor.