On the "Cabinet files"

Lesley Graham writes: Re. "Ex-govt furniture yields bureaurocratic gold for lucky journalists" (Thursday) 

Couldn’t agree with you more Bernard. It’s these situations that remind us that our government/polity need to be more open and transparent about what is really happening, including their errors, also who and what they are dealing with (Yes, Sam Dastyari we’re looking at you). Especially in the Howard era, to me this was a time of restrained communication to the people and the need to batten down any news outlets that weren’t towing the line (it was like we were living in the 50’s again). The sudden shutting down of The Glass House is a prime example and Wil Anderson’s reactions to it made it crystal clear that they had offended someone at a very high level. Then the knowledge that the CEO of the ABC at that time (Donald Donaldson) was best mates with John Howard made complete sense.