Feb 2, 2018

Want to avoid scandals? Reform your damn MP entitlements schemes.

The Victorian government is moving to reform transparency surrounding MP allowances in an effort to stave off any more embarrassing scandals. But is it just a de-fanged rehash of federal rules?

William Summers

Independent researcher and blogger

Back in 2016, I went to the Victorian Parliament website to try to find out how much State MPs in my area had been spending on parliamentary allowances. It didn’t go well.


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2 thoughts on “Want to avoid scandals? Reform your damn MP entitlements schemes.

  1. AR

    The lack of detail, long lag times and deliberate obfuscation of simple facts – salary, expenses etc – were understandable in the days of pen & ink, physically but this new fangled Intertubes thangy seems to be ideal for having all information on OUR representative/servants fully and comprehensively available, instantly if not sooner.
    Oh look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Porcus Aviatrix!

  2. Grant ELLIOTT

    The solution is so simple. All expenses to be paid in the first instance by the member to be reimbursed after scrutiny by a review committee. Upgrades should be excluded from reimbursement as they are for personal reasons. Side trips with family and staff should also be excluded. So it goes.

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