Feb 1, 2018

Hinch’s Senate Diary: police constables are the only kind of PC I have time for

With all the hyperbole about crime running rampant, don't be surprised if "Laura Norder" plays a heavy part in Victoria's state election come November.

Derryn Hinch — Senator

Derryn Hinch


The political junkies, writing obituaries for “Mr. Melbourne”, Ron Walker, have made much of the fact he was the Liberal Party’s cash cow. The party’s national treasurer for yonks, he raised millions, maybe billions, of dollars for the Libs -- and tossed in heaps of his own readies when times were tough.

Others have mentioned the squillions of dollars flowing from Crown Casino which he built with Lloyd Williams through Hudson Conway.

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9 thoughts on “Hinch’s Senate Diary: police constables are the only kind of PC I have time for

  1. lykurgus

    Do you think our memories are so short as to need reminding, of literally the ONE reason you went into politics? That you would never again be made to account for the libellous, justice-obstructing bilge you’ve devoted your whole life to drowning our city in.

    Or is the grog you claim you don’t touch, about to be blamed for you mistaking the Mad Max franchise (shot in and around Melbourne) for a doco about literally the worlds fifth safest city?

    Or were you hoping we’d forget who your most devoted fans were (most of whom died in the so-called “gangland war”)?

  2. Decorum

    On the basis of census data I would guess that the majority of criminals in Australia are Christians. So, Derryn, do you ever condemn the Christian crime wave sweeping the nation? No, you don’t, presumably because you don’t think their religion is relevant to their criminality. So why are “African gangs” a problem beyond their being “gangs”? Why do you think their ethnicity is so important to mention, if not to, perhaps subconsciously, incite additional fear amongst the citizenry?

    Of course, summoning up Ms Norder is the ultimate in correctness in politics these days, so you’ve hit the daily double: you’ve managed to be both PC and casually racist.

  3. Jimbo from Logan

    I’m really sick of people who use “PC” or “Political Correctness” and do not define what THEY mean by it. It means different things to different people (e.g., to me, it means being polite to people) and Crikey should not allow the phrase to be published again without an explanation.

  4. Pedantic, Balwyn

    So in October 2012 you identified a serous issue with “African Gang Violence” and it is still a problem. So you’ve had five years, two in Parliament, to understand why some of these young persons rampage, but what have you done about it? Before deriding past Commissioners, how about asking yourself what could I have done to put these guys back on the right track, after all you seem pretty good at telling everybody else what to do!

    1. Damon

      It’s a good point. Those that can, do. Those that can’t, whinge and whine.

  5. CML

    FFS Derryn, just piss off out of the pages of Crikey.
    You are enough to make one cancel their subscription…all by yourself!!!!

    1. Damon

      I must admit, I normally scroll over Derryn’s contribution but today I decided to read every word.

      Now I remember why I scroll over.

  6. Rodall

    That’s lazy Derryn. Everyone knows there is a “Laura Nora” problem. Repeating it here is no solution, and you put your hand up to be amongst those who’s job it is to provide solutions. So, are you in the “Lock ’em up”, camp, which they so obviously couldn’t care less about, or do you actually have a solution. I, for one, would love to hear it. From you, or anybody else.

  7. AR

    I, me, mine and not forgetting the royal we, is there no end to the overweening hubris of the H/H?
    Crikey – why is this still published?
    Is he paid?
    if not, then we subscribers are still paying for it in the time taken to put the electrons together.
    Were it but a quarter groat, it would still be dear bought, the more so since unwilling.

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