atomic bomb

Fairf***ed: The Fairfax op-ed pages have long since been a virtual wasteland for foreign policy and global affairs. A selection of yesterday's headlines for the double-spread tell the story: "Time to tax sugary drinks", "My friend, a lost, little yellow share bike" and -- giving The Guardian a run for its money -- "I smoked pot to make our roads safer".

But among them is Tom "Heidi" Switzer, inventor of a new radio genre -- uneasy listening -- and realpolitik maven for the right. And guess what? His take on global affairs is just as drivelicious as the stuff surrounding it. Under the headline, "Be wary of doomsday predictions", Switzer does a usefully succinct and direct version of the usual right-wing Pollyanna take. Despite the fact that there exists a global nuclear arsenal barely 70 years old, global warming on track for a four-eight degrees rise, and vast habitat destruction, it hasn't happened yet, so it never will.