Jan 31, 2018

Rundle: Greens split ramps up as insiders move against Alex Bhathal

Conflict is widening in the Victorian Greens as stakes get bigger on the national stage, writes Guy Rundle.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


State member for Northcote Lidia Thorpe (left) posing for marriage equality with former Batman candidate Alex Bhathal (right)


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8 thoughts on “Rundle: Greens split ramps up as insiders move against Alex Bhathal

  1. greg jb

    he must be really white if you consider those women to be dark in comparison, why is it an issue any way?

    1. AR

      Good question GregJb – don’t hold your breath waiting for a sensible answer.

    2. rhwombat

      Um. G’day Mr Bolt.

  2. AR

    Thanks for that report from the Cabbage Patch.
    Hopefully both Feeney & Danby are for the chop, democracy is a bugger!

  3. CML

    So…the Greens are carrying on with a bit of reverse racism? Who’d have thunk it!
    A well known journalist husband of a Greens NSW politician told us all what he thought of ‘white’ people in a series of tweets some months ago…but he still turns up regularly on The Drum…ABC…so racism directed against white people is okay if you belong to the Greens. YUK!!

    1. MAC TEZ

      Yeah right,those bloody Greens (well their hubbies…but y’know) picking on us poor white fellas, when those bloody Greens can’t even work out if they’re eligible to sit in Parliament…not like our ALP eh CML ? Our process is rock solid,waterproof,airtight and failsafe and that’s why our ALP has…um, brought about a by-election in Batman !?!

  4. brian crooks

    the greens won`t win this by election, labor will comfortably, voters know the greens are split, half are simply closet liberals trying to ease their conscience by voting 2nd preference lib and 1st green, knowing full well their preferences will help the libs, now that shorten has moved left of centre and is moving to return wage justice and most dis affected labor voters will come back.

    1. AR

      Whistling in the dark is sooo comforting – cling onto nanny for fear of something worse.

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