State member for Northcote Lidia Thorpe (left) posing for marriage equality with former Batman candidate Alex Bhathal (right)

With the survival of David Feeney in the seat of Batman now in the hands of the High Court, and removal and a by-election very likely, Labor is tensing for another loss of their inner-city heartland to the Greens. In 2016, five-time candidate Alex Bhathal came within a whisker of defeating Feeney, who managed to forget the existence of a property-portfolio house he owned in the electorate, and then delivered a gaffe-prone campaign performance. In November, the Greens candidate Lidia Thorpe won the state seat of Northcote, within Batman's bounds, by a stonking 12% margin. With Feeney's new memory lapse -- he has mislaid documents he claims proved that he had renounced his UK citizenship -- Batman looks in the bag for Bhathal, an increasingly popular and well-known figure in the electorate.