Jan 30, 2018

From Mediscare to the TPP, lies create trust-resistant political environment

Our political environment is becoming ever more polluted with lies about major policy issues, undermining already low levels of voter trust.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

As trust in politicians and governments continues to erode in Australia, if anything our elected representatives are ramping up their attack on voter trust by lying more flagrantly and more often.

That politicians lie will come as no surprise to voters -- apart from anything else, they constantly insist that their opponents are lying. The period of Tony Abbott's leadership of the opposition saw systematic lying about the impact of the Gillard government's carbon pricing scheme. But -- whether it's the effect of Liar-In-Chief Donald Trump on political standards worldwide or not -- our federal politicians (and governments in particular) are setting new standards in lying. This is a list of the more recent efforts at blatant deception of voters:

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9 thoughts on “From Mediscare to the TPP, lies create trust-resistant political environment

  1. klewso

    Politics was one of those careers where lying is a virtue, where you get paid to play fast and loose with the truth – hoping that you don’t get found out before you get out?
    Trouble is they’re being found out earlier – and having trouble adapting.

  2. MJM

    “Even modelling peddled by the government about the TPP last week confirmed it would produce less than 0.05% additional economic growth per year for Australia.” Think it was 0.5% – one half of one per cent per year.

    But the point is well-made. We are lied to frequently and consistently by politicians of all hues. And the Deputy PM thinks we do not need a federal ICAC because we have the Senate. So we are treated as stupid in addition to be lied to.

  3. bushby jane

    I object to your statement that Labor told the biggest lie re Medicare; I reckon that it was the truth, LNP are still trying to privatise it and therefore wreck it. It has been their modus operandi since Fraser did scrap it.

    1. Peter Schulz

      Correct. Medicare is a payment system, and the Coalition were looking to contract it out to private corporations, just like they have now done with the Immigration call centre. This is classic privatisation. In the US the role of government has now been reduced to a conduit to transfer taxpayer dollars to the corporate sector. This is done by politicians who have worked or will in the future work for the same corporations they have been feather-bedding with the privatisation scam. It’s a nice little earner for some.

    2. klewso

      A “prediction based on form”.

      Howard’s “PBs” still set a certain standard – “Children Overboard”, “Iraq/Sadam = WMDs/terror”? Any wonder Turnbull’s figuring so prominently now? How many of this mob were members of that base, “whatever it takes”, non-core promises political miasma then, learning that craft?

    3. Rais

      I’m old enough to have been covered by Medibank before the Fraser Coalition government abolished Medibank cover for anyone who had employment. Trying to support a family on a single, very low income, I would have been safer on the dole because I would have had Medibank cover for my family. A family member had to have hospital treatment during that period and although it was a government hospital the bill was quite large. Fortunately they let us pay it off in stages. Would the the Coalition abolish universal health cover again if they could? They would, they’ve been chipping away at it for ages.

  4. AR

    Nice potted proof of the Theorem “politicians lie” but the gut wrenching despair is caused by the fact the the electorate don’t give a flying.

  5. Crasher

    Time for these perfidious parasites to be held to account. Surly those who deliberately lie to the population can be charged with an offence. It really is destroying what is left of our laughable democracy.

  6. leon knight

    Nice attempt to paint Labor with the same brush as the LNP Bernard, but the conservatives have taken lying to a much higher plane in order to help the rich get richer and fuck the workers…

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