Jan 30, 2018

Holidays over, the government gets back to the hard work of leaking

New year, new leaks. After a brief summer pause, the leaks have once again begun to spring from the Turnbull government.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Just in case you thought 2018 was going to be significantly different to 2017 for the Turnbull government -- new year, new us etc -- the leaks have already started. Yesterday the ABC got a cabinet document canvassing a range of Abbott-era welfare reform options including ritually sacrificing cutting benefits off to young unemployed people altogether, until Kevin Andrews suggested it might be going a bit far.

Today it's a document about then-Immigration Minister Scott Morrison asking ASIO that they go slow on processing security clearances for asylum seekers so more could be kept out of Australia. Oddly, there's no talk of calling in the Federal Police to pursue this serious breach of cabinet confidentiality.

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7 thoughts on “Holidays over, the government gets back to the hard work of leaking

  1. klewso

    “Trickle down politics”?

    1. klewso

      Imagine being in a Turbott Cabinet meeting and someone gets up and heads for the door …… Tuppence asks where they’re going – “To take a leak.”………?

  2. klewso

    This latest leak – they’re not racists, as they’ll tell you at every conceivable opportunity – they’re the “non-core promises party”.
    And they just have policies that trawl for the xenophobe vote.

    (It’s funny how Slomo would think ASIO would do whatever he or this government wanted? How would he get the idea that they were one of this government’s PS genies? Who does he think they are? AFP? Border Farce? DFAT? “Dastyari and his Chinese suite” ……..?)

    1. klewso

      Funny watching our half-wit media last night (not least The Dum, as Fanning and the other two conservative ideologue trolls, van Onselen and Madonna King – “The Plastic Bag Lady of Brisbane”, defender of plastic bags when Labor’s Peter Garrett floated the idea of doing away with them) wondering if ASIO complied with Morrison’s wish?
      “Form” :- who could have leaked the particulars of Dastyari’s meeting with Huang Xiangmo – especially when Fannning later brought up “Shorten’s Dastayri” connection/problem?

  3. Decorum

    Welfare reform too extreme for Kevin Andrews? Damn!

    1. Norm

      Strewth, when we have to rely on Kevin Andrews to stand up for young Australians (and their screwed-over parents), you know the government is as f*****d as.

  4. AR

    If there is a better example of the depths to which politics & public attitudes have sunk, it would need a bathysphere to plunge further when Kevin “Andrews” Android is the voice of reason/decency.
    Re the Morriscum machinations, I think it is intended to sleight him, as a too touchy/feely emo, when his fans would prefer strafing and deckgun practice.

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