BBC consider pay cap for equality. BBC managers are considering capping all full-time presenter salaries after pay inequalities between men and women at the public broadcaster became public. Last week, six male hosts said they would take pay cuts after China editor Carrie Gracie quit her role after learning she earned 50% less than men doing the same job at the BBC. The BBC's media reporter Amol Rajan has tweeted this morning that one of the proposals to deal with the problem is to cap all full-time news presenters' salaries at 320,000 pounds.

The revolving door. Kelli Underwood has been announced as the new host of the ABC's Sunday morning sports program Offsiders. Underwood has been a panellist on the program for five years, and has been working with ABC Grandstand for more than 10 years. She's replacing Gerard Whateley, who left the ABC at the end of last year for sports radio network SEN.