Jan 29, 2018

Canada’s $350 million media stimulus would set the tone for Australia

The package, which would bring Canada's media aid spending close to $1 billion, comes after repeated pressure from publishers. You can expect Australian companies to follow suit.

Glenn Dyer — <em>Crikey</em> business and media commentator

Glenn Dyer

Crikey business and media commentator

Australia’s struggling print media will be watching the next Canadian federal budget closely, when the Trudeau government is set to reveal its much anticipated aid package for the country’s struggling newspaper business.

The package will be contained in the budget due around the last week of March. It will add to existing aid packages for the broadcast sector and for magazines that already total close to CA$450 million a year (around the same amount in Australian dollars). If the amount the publishers want ($350 million a year) is granted, total government aid for Canadian media will reach close to $1 billion -- a huge sum. 

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3 thoughts on “Canada’s $350 million media stimulus would set the tone for Australia

  1. bref

    We live in a country where for the sake of a few hundred million dollars subsidy, our governments let go a multi billion dollar car industry with the loss of over 100,000 jobs. Are you suggesting they’ll subsidise even more an industry in which Murdoch is by far the greatest stakeholder? Of course they will.

  2. Arky

    Always very suspicious of government handouts to commercial media, no matter what stripe of government.

    The 30 million giveaway to Foxtel should have sparked political outcries around the country, but journalists have been extraordinarily careful to avoid upsetting the apple cart and really haven’t pushed the story much at all.

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    Taxing ad revenues of google and facebook – brilliant idea, somebody should have thought of that by now. Oh, yeah!

    Propping up tired and irrelevant commercial TV stations – bugger that, I can’t see any public interest in propping them up, they do not much more than reduce the average IQ of Australians.

    Propping up commercial radio, so idiot, partisan spruikers can pollute the airwaves – what possible public good is there.

    Propping up newspapers – god they would have to be at the quality end, and I don’t think Australia produces much quality journalism any more outside a very few and very noteworthy selection (Adele Ferguson, Kate McClymont, Ross Gittins et al )

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