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Jan 25, 2018

Razer: ‘progressive’ journos gunning for Trump are a danger to peace

Even as purportedly progressive outlets continue to report Trump-Putin conspiracy theory as fact, the tanks roll toward Russia and the money rolls out.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Say what you will about President Barack Obama -- don’t mind if I do -- but the guy could deliver a knockout line. Let’s remember one smash hit that’s close to Keating quality. Before the debates of 2012, Mitt Romney, then-GOP presidential nominee, had publicly declared Russia to be the USA’s “number one geopolitical foe.”  The 1980s called, said Barack on TV, and they want their foreign policy back.

Oh, how we in the West laughed. The Cold War was some old guy thing. Five minutes later, it had become retro-chic, with a knitted Pussy Riot twist. The 1980s kept calling, and today the Cold War is reborn as US policy. Even as purportedly progressive outlets continue to report Trump-Putin conspiracy theory as fact -- if you’ve bought US intelligence community talking points cheaply as most journalists have, get your refund from Putin critic Masha Gessen -- the tanks roll toward Russia and the money rolls out.

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14 thoughts on “Razer: ‘progressive’ journos gunning for Trump are a danger to peace

  1. Wayne Robinson

    I find it peculiar that an article discussing concerns about Putin’s Russia fails to mention the Crimea, the Ukraine, the downing of Malaysian Airlines 17, the political assassinations including Litivinenko in London in 2006.

    1. James O'Neill

      What exactly did you expect Helen to say? The Crimea returned to Russia following an overwhelming free vote by its inhabitants, restoring the pre-1954 position. As to the Ukraine generally, should Helen mention the American financed and backed coup of February 2014; the failure of Ukraine to abide by the terms of the Minsk Accord; the civil war its is waging on the Russian speaking inhabitants of eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region; or the fascist nature of the present regime whose president, Poroshenko, enjoys an average of 5-7% popular support?. MH17 is an unresolved crime, largely because the Americans refuse to release the satellite data other than to the Dutch Inquiry on the condition it was kept secret. There is zero evidence of Russian involvement. As to Litvinenko, you might like to acquaint yourself with the facts there also, although judging by your comment you and the facts make off bedfellows.

    2. Iskandar

      There is something known as the “illusory truth effect”, a glitch in the human psyche that equates repetition with truth. Facts don’t actually matter. Repeat lies again and again and again, and some people will come to believe them.

  2. old greybearded one

    I reckon you have missed something here Helen. Trump has a lot of Russian money behind him and talks big. But look again. trump has basically vacated middle-east policy. His Israel approach (a one state solution that sees Jared Kushner’s family developing more West Bank colonies) has alienated everyone. His blind support of the Saudis who are certainly the biggest terrorist funders’ not Iran and everything else means Russia has stepped in. Nuclear power for Egypt, deals with Syria and maybe Jordan. Increasing closeness to Turkey. Putin must be laughing into his vodka and caviar.

    1. Cheree Corbin

      His Israel approach has alienated everyone except the extreme right-wing Israeli government and the huge evangelical network supporting every move Trump makes in the Middle East in the hope it brings the Rapture closer.

      They genuinely believe these are the end times, the second (or third, I can’t remember) Temple will be built and they’re on a fast-track to heaven while the rest of deal with the Apocalypse.

  3. James O'Neill

    Helen, it is not just Kushner’s dealings with Israel that is underreported. There have been a series of revelations in recent days that the whole Russiagate allegations have been a creation of the Democratic Party in cahoots with the FBI as a plan to be put into effect in the then unlikely event that Trump was elected. Zero Hedge has been running a series of updates. There is, for example, a document circulated to all Congress persons that is, to use the words of Congress persons who have read it, a “bombshell”.
    Very little if any of this is being reported in the Oz msm. To set out the reasons would go beyond the scope of a comment, but you might like to write about the FBI, Obama and DNC role in this wholly manufactured scandal.

    1. Helen Razer

      I am sort of suspicious that “release the memo” might not produce the fireworks predicted. No pro-Clinton person cared that Kremlin operatives were paid for Clinton’s dossier. Just as no pro-Trump person cared that his son-in-law is some sort of black ops high-level patriot who used to give his bed to Bibi Netanyahu as a child.
      If it were that explosive, it’d be pushed through by now. That way, even fewer people would notice recent changes to surveillance legislation, would quit talking about tax cuts to the wealthy and would not notice at all just how much money Mattis is asking for so’s he can build new toys to frighten Russia.
      And, hey, OGO. It’s a big story and there’s a lot to miss. I really just sought to offer an account of Trump admin policy on Russia as it is. And suggest that we might want to dial down the Russophobia.

      1. CML

        If you think Putin is some democracy loving, international law abiding, person…then you’ve got rocks in your head!
        BTW…they are ALL as bad as each other…Russia, USA, Israel etc. etc….so let’s not have a race to determine which of these ‘rogue’ countries is least putrid.
        THEY ALL ARE!!!!!

        1. Helen Razer

          Who claimed Putin was a good guy?
          Honestly, To suggest that aggression toward a state is bad is not to exonerate the state.

  4. AR

    It’s almost a retread of the ‘Vietnam victory’ meme that went around around, and around, in the swamp.
    As Louie da Fly lamented, “when you’re on a good thing, stick to it”.

  5. klewso

    US democracy is fuct – if that wasn’t obvious at Bush’s “hanging chat” election, look what they’re wearing now – an ensemble designed by a drunk bonobo?
    I wonder what sort of “interest rates” the Russians could charge to bail Trump out of bankrupcy.
    Watching “Putin’s Revenge” was surreal : what’s gone on – not least the superciliousness of someone at the “DNC(?)” who wouldn’t check the bona fides of someone in the CIA (up the road) trying to warn them of what was happening – dismissing the “deep throat” off the cuff of their omnipotence.
    Just who is “fit to govern the US and lead the free world”?
    Who does have clean/honest broker hands when it comes to “international diplomacy” in this “War on Hypocrisy” (ask East Timor). They’re as bad as each other, learning from each other, getting jealous as they get behind in this one-up-manship for influence.
    As if Putin has been doing things the US doesn’t/wouldn’t?
    Outrage over “Putin invades Georgia etc” but “Iraq” was different?
    Not to mention what the US used Cuba for; or Chile; Saddam while he was of use to Big Oil – or their present day “Venezuela Brewery”? ….. “Whitlam”?

    An avalanche of bad PR to derail the Clinton Pullman, tossed up at critical points of the campaign? By “contrast” WTF does Rupert use his FUX News (embedded in, at the disposal of the Iraq invasion forces, to edit PR) snow machine for :- Rupert’s “Wall Street Journal where Putin is described, by the nation that brought us “WMDs in Iraq”, as a master of disinformation” – how politically disengenuous and cant can they get?
    As if the US hasn’t taken too many liberties in using it’s might to ensure supply to US commerce – at cost to other countries.

    Can “Trump’s word” (let alone “strategies”) on anything be taken with anything other than a dose of salts? …. He “loves” WikiLeaks – while it serves his ends – ’til it bites him? “Never spoken to Putin … after telling the world he had met him and finding out what a great guy he is”?

  6. JasonStanley

    Right on as usual.

  7. Wallywonga

    Mattis reaffirming Russia as an “enemy”, just when the Mueller enquiry starts to get closer to the presidency? Perhaps the shrewdest political play we’ve seen from the Trump camp so far?
    To interpret this as MSM fuelling war, is well, just a tad stretchy, don’t you think?
    Now leftist media has joined the right also in wanting to assert that all this anti Trump stuff is simply Democrat driven conspiracy? Or is this just fake news, a la Clinton paedophile stories.
    Seriously, how do you people stimulate your fantasies, can I get some?

  8. Cheree Corbin

    “if Russia is pushed to partner with China and Iran”
    That’s what it’s all about though, isn’t it. Russia, China, Iran already have been pushed together due to being kept out of the Anglo Western financial club. Remember the gazillion articles fretting about the ‘Emerging Economies’, the BRICS? About their astonishing economic growth while the West sunk beneath the tidal waves of the global financial crisis?

    These countries are now finding ways to deal in trade that excludes the reserve currency (the US$). That’s what’s really behind all these op-eds and this Russia-Trump conspiracy theory. It’s always about the money.

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