Jan 25, 2018

The Crikey pocket guide to Australia’s fringe-dwelling far-right groups

Welcome to part two of Crikey's guide to the far right in Australia.

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis and Chris Woods

Journalist / Freelance journalist

This is part two of a two-part series on Australia’s fringe-dwelling far right. Read part one here.


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7 thoughts on “The Crikey pocket guide to Australia’s fringe-dwelling far-right groups

  1. ken chapman

    Great article. When are the authors going to do a series on fringe dwelling far left wing radicals

    1. rhwombat

      Have a look at slackbastard – who probably should at least have been acknowledged in the article above.

      1. John Taylor

        Has that person been up to the same criminal behaviour as those written about?

    2. John Taylor

      Possibly when those groups start stalking, harassing and demonising otherwise law abiding members of society.

    3. JQ

      Good joke, Ken. Didn’t you know the (malevolent/staggeringly ignorant of history) equality of outcome authoritarians are already embedded in the mainstream media and Parliament?
      The far left is increasingly perceived as the centre, and anything to the right of the far left, i.e. the sensible centre, is painted as far right.
      Granted, these right wing white nationalists summarised above are indeed dangerous and ideologically possessed, but don’t expect a nuanced discussion about the dangers of such ideological possession (be it right or left), or of the causal link between the extremes, whereby a preponderance of one begets an increase of the other.
      No, extremism bad, unless it’s my extremism.

  2. Lance Boyle

    Small correction..”These efforts were eventually rewarded when Cottrell, Neil Erikson and Chris Shortis beheaded a dummy outside a mosque in Bendigo.”
    They were in fact outside Council Offices in Bendigo where a planning application for a Mosque, to be built, was approved, or about to be approved. Otherwise, an interesting informer piece.

  3. [email protected]

    It had changed from dept of immigration and multiculturalism to dept of immigration and citizenship well before Abbott. Abbott then changed it to dept of immigration and border protection.

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