On electric cars

Joe Boswell writes: Re. “No togetherness in Frydenberg’s electric car dreams” (Tuesday)

I enjoyed Bernard Keane’s summary of the way roads are now paid for in Australia, and some of the common myths and misinformation circulating. It’s much the same in the UK, where the Road Fund, created by Lloyd George in 1909, was killed off in 1926 by Winston Churchill for several excellent reasons. Yet the Road Tax lives on in the popular imagination, and, exactly as Churchill predicted, motorists frequently assert their moral ownership of the roads and their superiority over all other users. The whole story is well told here.

On Peter Dutton

Keith Binns writes:  Re. “Tracking transparency: Border Force’s record on access and denial” (Tuesday)

We in the refugee advocacy movement have been monitoring Peter Dutton for some time. Where he can be checked, virtually every thing he says is a lie — the Tim Costello call out over Manus was the most obvious, but we have found him to be lying many times.

His Department consistently overspends and tries to conceal what it does.  In my view, he is the most dangerous politician in a dangerous government which continues the inter-general theft of negative gearing and the trashing of its children’s and grand children’s future in its refusal to deal realistically with climate change. (The $60 mil for the Great Barrier Reef means nothing if the Reef is bleached and dead.) Fear and loathing is the only rational response to him.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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