As we wrote yesterday, the scant offerings Australian TV networks have given us over the two months of summer have made the attractions of streaming video services even more alluring. We now have more evidence for that: Netflix's December quarter figures show the streaming video giant ended the year with a bang and expects to continue growing rapidly this year, with more of its growth coming internationally from markets such as Australia.

In fact, Netflix's international operations are now starting to be a primary driver in the overall business, meaning the company is positioning itself to be the world leader when US rivals Hulu, CBS All Access, Fox/Disney and anyone else finally get their acts together (which could start in 2019) and start offering global services. Investors have recognised it as the frontrunner, spurring Tuesday’s rapid rise in the company’s share price -- more than 14% -- which pushed the company's market value well past $US100 billion for the first time in normal trading and setting a high base for the company’s performance this year.