South Australia

Jan 18, 2018

Is Nick Xenophon experienced enough to run a whole state?

While his grassroots charm belies a calculating political tactician, Nick Xenophon is riding the same anti-establishment wave that swept Donald Trump into office.

Tom Richardson

Senior reporter at InDaily

A couple of years back a wall certificate emblazoned with a slogan became the trendy gift doing the Christmas rounds among the medical fraternity.

If you’ve got a particularly waggish GP, you might even have spotted said slogan adorning their waiting room wall. It reads: “Please Do Not Confuse Your Google Search With My Medical Degree.”

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10 thoughts on “Is Nick Xenophon experienced enough to run a whole state?

  1. Rais

    Is Xenophon experienced enough to run a state? Is Stephen Marshall? Fortunately neither of them will have to. Whichever one of them becomes Premier, if there’s a change ofgovernment at all, will have a fully staffed and experienced public service to do that for him while the political leadership sets policy and makes sure the public service implements it. This is unlike the US system where the incoming President or state governor has to construct a whole new administration.

  2. Frank Brank

    Please do not confuse Nick Xenophon with a politician. He isn’t one. He is purely and simply a self promoter; something he is very good at! If he has policies I’m not sure what they are; they’ve probably been discarded during some self-serving horse trading in The House where policy, principle and integrity come second to a nag called Self Interest. Nick Xenophon running a whole State? God help SA!

  3. Richard Shortt

    He won’t. Bureaucrats with experience will. Nick would just set the direction and toss some ‘chilli’ into the mix. He’s got all the skills you need. If you doubt my words, look to the US where a complete human train wreck is leading the place.

  4. klewso

    It didn’t stop Queenslanders giving Newman a test drive.

    1. Sleuth

      “It didn’t stop Queenslanders giving Newman a test drive”.
      Yeah, and look what happened.

  5. CML

    I live in SA, and about the last thing we need is a fraudster/showman at the helm.
    How come so many people from interstate think we are mad not to endorse Jay Wetherill? Answer: they have seen how Mr X deals with the poor and disenfranchised during his time in the Senate…votes with the Coalition to make things worse for the average struggling family. On the other hand, Jay is powering ahead…especially on matters to do with global warming, new scientific endeavours and especially energy supply…all to do with the FUTURE.
    Do some research!!!!

    1. Wallywonga

      Yes, agree he is one of the better performing state leaders in Australia; surprisingly didn’t get more kudos from standing up to the fraudulent hippocritical coal lovers in Canberra.
      Surely Musk’s giant battery getting Adelaide through the current heat wave will vindicate Jay W, and put paid to the opportunistic Mr X – what next for him, compere of a revitalised “The Price is Right”?

  6. old greybearded one

    As compared to? Gladys in NSW perhaps, or the Merchant Banking Mongrel Baird? They had lots of experience and have stuffed everything they touched.

  7. AR

    It is constant puzzle why people think that politicians are expert at anything except being politicians.
    The old adage, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” could have the addendum “and those without any abilities whatsoever become politicians”.
    If they were any good at anything else they’d be doing it and making a quid. Talcum showed no business acumen, he wasn’t even a competent lawyer (the Spycatcher case was lost by the patronising toff Thatcher sent out to deal with the colonials so pissing off the judge that he took over the case) and just happened to have lucked into the Ozemail deal.
    Without selling off at the right time, he’d be just another ambulance chaser, instead of a mudorc minion masquerading as PM.
    Have a look at the make up of any parliament, state or federal, and find someone you’d trust to mow your lawn.
    And yet, and yet, as the old agitprop poster put it, “you vote for them!”.

  8. Sleuth

    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
    Wisdom is knowing not to put it into a ftuit salad.

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