Jan 17, 2018

Was Rupert Murdoch lured into a honey trap with a Chinese spy?

The Wall Street Journal claims Rupert Murdoch's ex-wife, Wendi Deng, is a spy. We take a look back at how their relationship blossomed to begin with.

Glenn Dyer — <em>Crikey</em> business and media commentator

Glenn Dyer

Crikey business and media commentator

Was Rupert Murdoch married to a Chinese spy for 14 years -- and was he lured into a "honey trap" by her while still married to Anna Murdoch?

If this all sounds like the stuff of fiction, consider the extraordinary revelations about Murdoch and former wife Wendi Deng Murdoch over the past day:

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26 thoughts on “Was Rupert Murdoch lured into a honey trap with a Chinese spy?

  1. klewso

    Could Rupert have married a Wendy to get his leg over Chinese authorities – all that “fresh meat” for his “news empire”?

    1. klewso

      Dang nab it, that’s “Wendi” of course.

  2. bref

    Murdoch ‘telling anyone who would listen’, ‘constant rumour’? I think the media would have been shouting this particular news from the roof tops if that was the case. I have little regard for Murdoch, but this sounds fishy to me.

    1. Lesley Graham

      Me too Bref. If he was so concerned about her influence why hasn’t he said something about it before now. I think he’s up to something, probably trying to ingratiate himself or push himself into prime position for some sort of business deal wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. old greybearded one

    Well it is one of the oldest spy tricks and their is no fool like an old fool with a pretty young woman. It explains a few oddities.

  4. Bill Hilliger

    Why is there never any smut about Rupert and his exploits in the NewsCrap tabloid rags?

    1. Lesley Graham

      Exactly there must be so many skeletons in his closet he must have a safe lock on it, to stop them finding their way out. He would be like the Trumps I would imagine, he would have all his exe’s, bad business deals all tied up in a pretty bow of legal tape so that no one can tell or talk about what he gets up to.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch must have had an interesting marriage, each one of them working their hearts out to discover what the other was doing and for whom they were doing it. Even to the extent of chucking in a couple of siblings.

    1. Lesley Graham

      Venise it’s an interesting, thing but also her appearance at the televised Royal inquest into News of the World & the hacking scandal has a whole new light on it I would imagine. I would suggest the impression of being his supportive spouse, was more like, what’s he going to say & how can I protect my interests.

  6. klewso

    Those “debriefings” with Blair? She could have been a double agent?

    1. DF

      Also wondering about Blair and Deng.

      1. Lesley Graham

        This could’ve also been an excuse for Murdoch to get out of the relationship, he may have known & was looking for something to use an escape clause (relevance to prenup may have something to do with it) because though Blair & Deng were friends there was almost no evidence that they were more than that. I always wondered what had motivated Murdoch to end their marriage in such a sudden & unexpected manner, I would suggest Blair was a useful excuse at best, proving to be handy at the time, as this liaison never went past Rupert’s claim, no one else either acknowledged it ( including the security & the domestic help that looked after their home), it basically swirled around in the gutter press for months afterward, but never went any further….

  7. klewso

    Imagine what Rupert’s viewsmedia throwbacks could have done with this story – if it wasn’t Rupert at the centre of the web?

    1. Lesley Graham

      If they had been clever they would have been able to do something with it. I suspect that he was wanting to control the whole deal so that when he was able to use it to his best advantage he would have it nailed down under threat of death so that he can do as much damage to the relevant parties as possible, so either something big’s brewing or something damaging is in the wings & he’s going into self preservation mode.

  8. Duncan Gilbey

    When Clive Palmer said that Deng was a spy some years ago we thought he was a nutter…

    1. AR

      Apart from the broken clock aspect, just coz someone is a shameless grifter and con artist doesn’t mean that can’t be occasionally correct about something.

      1. Lesley Graham

        Your so very right AR…

    2. Lesley Graham

      Yeah! Well like a wise man once said timing’s everything. “If too early your a nutter, if your too late your a fool,” that is the only difference from what I’ve learnt.

  9. AR

    I wonder what this suggests for Jerry Hall? How weird is that relationship?

    1. Lesley Graham

      It is interesting, we have to keep in mind that people that are extremely rich especially those that travel/move in their circles are largely immune or operate on very different social mores to the average punter in respect of love & marriage. I do wonder also if the fact that a Jerry Hall may have not fared so well financially at the end of her long relationship with Mick Jagger. Remember the hoohah around their marriage in Bali, it from what I remember wasn’t legally binding which caused real issues with the British court system. So I’m wondering if there has been some wheeling & dealing going on in respect of making him again look good with a younger woman & he keeps her in the custom she has become “used” to & nobody asks any crazy questions.

  10. Sue Miills

    Another drop in the China is Bad story. Russia is also Bad, Foreigners are Bad & Refugees are especially bad.
    Less profit in win-win friendship/ joint projects than Cold War is my guess

    1. Lesley Graham

      Unfortunately as far as Uncle Rupert’s concerned the refugee situation is a problem that needs to be negatively handled so that people will be less inclined to think about the fact that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with rather than managed & what happens when people with too much money & no real political or diplomatic awareness start throwing money at foreign powers in the vain hope they will make obscenely more amounts than they will ever need & bugger the consequences.

      1. Brangwyn

        Boring, but I would be interested in some Chinese women’s views on Wendy Deng.

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