Jan 17, 2018

Latest changes to detention centre protocols provoke hunger strikes, heartache

New restrictions on visitation to Australian detention centres seem needlessly cruel. Rebekah Holt investigates the results of such measures and asks why they're deemed necessary in the first place.

Rebekah Holt

Freelance journalist

Border Force

Peter Dutton, the Minister for Home Affairs, appears to have started 2018 with some potent New Year New Me(an)-type inspo.

Dutton’s department has issued complex and punitive changes to visitor entry and application requirements for visitors to detention centres. Because of these changes, some detainees have gone on a hunger strike.

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7 thoughts on “Latest changes to detention centre protocols provoke hunger strikes, heartache

  1. Rais

    I wish I were confident that a change of government at the next election would make much difference. I wrote to my Labor MP asking for his support in firm action both to help Rohingya deportees in Bangladesh and to make it unmistakably clear to the Myanmar government that their vicious actions would not be tolerated. His response was feeble. The Myanmarese government now had the opportunity to change its policies and would have the “full support of Labor in doing so.” Will any refugees created by these monsters have the “full support of Labor?” I have yet to be convinced.

  2. graybul

    The Minister is, no more no less than an utter bastard.

    1. old greybearded one

      No Graybul he is a great deal more than that. I have met a few utter bastards and he is way worse. My dad would have said “Cunning as a shithouse rat, crooked as a bent corkscrew … and that’s praising the bastard up!”

      1. graybul

        Ap0logies OGO. By no means did I wish to minimize my disrespect. Never mind, have no doubt he will utter many further ministerial inhumane directives warranting a steady vituperative escalation at least equal to both our dad’s contempt for utter bastards?

  3. old greybearded one

    Honestly I wish I could see this swine locked in one of his centres. Give him some rimmed specks and he would start to look like Heinrich Himmler. I cannot believe the innate racism of the modern LNP. Yes they had them before, but Howard made it fashionable and drove out the decent ones. The miserable scum that remained is what we are left with. Fraser, who was no angel would not have worn them for a moment. Were Menzies alive given that he mostly looked forward, neither would he. Curtin would not recognise the ALP either.

  4. Marilyn J Shepherd

    Way back in 2001 I spent a whole day packing toys for the 300 or so kids in Woomera prison, hundreds of people donated goods and Meg Lees of the Democrats allowed her offices to be used as collection points.

    At 10 that night we got a call from the centre stating that no soft toys were allowed because they could be used as weapons, set on fire and used as frigging weapons. No toys could be wrapped, they were not allowed to get the toys for Christmas because a couple of desperate men had acted up. They were handed out in January 2002 in plastic bags and the kids had to line up with guards around them to get the goods.

    Don’t tell me thinks were ever better, wake up and read the many reports showing how terrible it’s always been.

    The Woomera lawyers were banned in 2002 because they tried to take in Easter eggs for heaven’s sake.

  5. Norm

    Peter Dutton, Minister for Old Queensland Coppers Running the Government and Public Service.

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