Razer's Class Warfare

Jan 16, 2018

Razer: seven times those hawks who called for civilian blood were totally adorable

In an era where the formally debased are redeemed by Trump's vulgarity, most of our effort goes to inventing a peaceful, prosperous past that never, ever was.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

“The perfect is the enemy of the good”. Really? This advice, first printed in 1772, may have some value for, say, me when purchasing brassieres -- to the reader unfamiliar with this item: it is never perfect, and rarely even good. Still, the instruction is useful: appreciate what you have. To wait for the perfect garment, one that offers comfort and/or improved silhouette, would be to reject all support. And bra-lessness, I have found, is the enemy of decent speech.

This is also lately true for politicians. If they’re not plagiarising speech or taking it to down to the shithole, they’re shoplifting it from old French poems. They love this line, which, although written by Voltaire, had nothing to do with liberal achievement.

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21 thoughts on “Razer: seven times those hawks who called for civilian blood were totally adorable

  1. Damien

    Actually “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” is a quote utilised by people who UNDERSTAND how politics/power works – ie: centrists. Any exercise of power is bound by the complexities of dealing with the vagaries of popular sentiment. At any one time this can be divided between those won over by hardline “law and order”/”national security” rhetoric and gentler types who prefer rational argument/giving peace a chance.

    Lefties carping from the sidelines can regard themselves as infallible whilst neither having to make any critical decisions nor be held accountable for them. They can tacitly support “outsider” populists who proceed to dismantle reproductive rights and deliver neo-feudal regressive tax cuts (take that, neoliberalism!). But god forbid the same brain-dead populism delivers us President Oprah!

    As for those who hold to their vision for reshaping the world into a utopian paradise with religious fervour blind to all dissenting opinions and practical realities…well, what could possibly go wrong?

    Speaking of widely referenced political quotes:
    “Only the impotent are pure”

    1. Helen Razer

      I understand the way this (entirely decontextualized) quote is employed. Thanks, though.

      1. David Thompson

        Nice to see someone linking the Clintons, the UN et al with the capture and looting of Haiti, H.
        Dr Dady Chery is most informative about what has been….continues to be done to her homeland.
        And, it has been going on for a very long time.

          1. Draco Houston

            Did you read this before linking it, mate?

          2. mikeb

            Draco – sure did. What’s your point?

    2. Draco Houston

      “Only the impotent are pure” – The only Prime Minister to be removed by the GG

    3. Lesley Graham

      I would suggest though your observations around Oprah are very valid. My question is would she be a real improvement or much of the same ?

  2. mikeb

    How did slick Bill bump GW off the top of the list? I’d have thought dubya was a certainty.

    1. dirtysnowball

      Centrists and Right Wingers are exactly the same, except that centrists are worse. Or something. Can we just talk again about how evil the Clintons are?

      1. Lesley Graham

        Dirtysnowball how is talking about the Clinton’s helpful to the current discussion with the current incumbent? (Or in respect of anything that is current?) Surely this just allows him more leeway to continue being the “spoilt brat” that he seems to think its acceptable to be. I don’t know whether it’s occurred to anybody outside of the States, the world with this numpty trying to run the show has a real problem & if something doesn’t happen fairly soon they’ll have bought themselves a one way ticket to hell. With the rest of us being dragged along for the ride.

        1. dirtysnowball

          Looks like my smartarsery didn’t come off properly. I think the Clintons are talked about too much given that they are now political nobodies, and that it’s unhelpful to go on about them endlessly while fascists take over the world. And no, for all their hypocrisies and self-delusions, I don’t think they’re just as bad as the fascists.

  3. Nudiefish

    Great essay, as usual!

    1. John Hall

      Hear Hear. For Crikey readers this US site has incisive articles that blows away some of the crap the US press puts out: https://consortiumnews.com/

      1. MAC TEZ

        Thanks for the link JH,I found it well worth a click and a bookmark.

      2. Lesley Graham

        I only read occasionally the Washington Post, but mainly the New York Times articles as it seems that they are well researched, but my preference always errs on the side of the NYT.

  4. AR

    I suppose that one needs to be rigorous in pruning – this is a list that could fill reams.
    Do electrons come in ream?

    1. Matt Hardin

      The quantity term for electrons would be mole. A mole is 6.02*10^23 of something.

  5. [email protected]

    I’m currently living in san Francisco. I’ve only been here a month, basically what I see is s*loads of poor people and s*loads of people who are lucky to own a house or rent a house but are sh*tting themselves about how they can continue to afford it. This is a very liberal city and state, and as wonderful as San Francisco is (or was) it’s a sh*hole of financial pressure for the affluent and poverty for the rest. This after years of liberal government and 8 years of Obama. Can Trump be worse?
    It remains to be seen, I’m hopeful that even an idiot (like him) could do a better job.

  6. [email protected]

    “Best hush up about Haiti, matey.” The address associated with this statement takes you to a few tweets from the Clintons, nothing as to why the Clinton’s best hush up, unless you read the responding correspondence. Here you will find clues of the corrupt plutocrats that are the Clintons… http://www.nationalreview.com/article/437883/hillarys-america-secret-history-democratic-party-dinesh-dsouza-clinton-foundation

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