Seven boss: neo-Nazi interview was 'newsworthy'. Seven News Melbourne's news director Simon Pristel has defended a story and interview with neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell. The report, which didn't include Cottrell's convictions, has been widely criticised, and reporter Jodi Lee has now deleted her tweet with the story. Pristel told Fairfax he stood by Sunday's "exclusive" story: "Seven News has reported on many meetings in the past couple of weeks held to discuss the African gang violence crisis, including governments, community leaders and police. Sunday's meeting was newsworthy so it was reported."

The Grauniad's terrible new look. Well goodbye Grauniad! In the UK, buying The Guardian had been one of the last extant newspaper pleasures for your correspondent. The Graun is losing its elegant slimline "Berliner" size, halfway between broadsheet and tabloid, which has been better than the old broadsheet. Adopted at the point where The Independent (now online only), and Times went tab, the cool blue, lowercase look bespoke elegance, even if the articles inside were increasingly lifestyle bollocks.